The Unforgiven

Heather Nicholson

As you may or may not be able to tell by the title this story was inspired by Metallica's song of the same title. I apologize because well, I'm sure I haven't done the song justice, but none the less it's the 1st story I've finished for a long time (literary insecurity & all) so I'm putting it up anyway. so how'd I do??? Managed to not butcher the song too bad???

Into Thin Air

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

A short story, very different from my usual bent. *shrugs* kinda melancholy...

The Journal

Kareem Shaw

This is a new one for me. I'm trying my hand at a differant sort of short story. Something angsty, something lost.. something furry.

Actions and Consquences

Justin 'Merlion Emrys' Williams

This story was based partly off the Nickelback song 'Never Again', and partly from a desire to use the character Orin who's been knocking around my head for a while.

Just Right

Katherine Burt

Based on a friend and a saint (not the same person). A mod's choice before the crash, so I thought it was worth reloading. If you didn't read it before, then the game is to figure out all the saint references in the piece. The commenters before did a pretty good job. Rewrite 6/27/05.

Not Worth It

Sharon Black

Was in a sociology class and assigned a progect dealing with kids who have been abused- the effects on their lives, etc. It really touched me, and I was inspired. This is one of my darkest pieces.


Sathia Lyon

A young girl can see through the eyes of anyone who has the same eye color as her. When she looks through her bestfriend's eyes, she must decide whether what she has witnessed is a nightmare or not.

Clan of the Kohinoor

Dixie Claire( of Assisi) Schroeder

Chapter one

What About Ana scene 1

Angela Knoblock

A story about some godlike figures in a world I made up. I haven't really worked out the plot yet so I don't have much of it written.

The hated love of a parasite

Georgina Gilbert


Kira Mundhenk

This is a cute lil poem, as it was recorded by Thoni from my other story about the elven boy she found. Everything has at least one symbolic meaning. I would love for everyone to attempt to analyze this poem and tell me what it means to them. Have fun! October '03


Hugo Schalkwyk

This is a not nice poem about a not nice subject.

The Ogre's Wife - poem

Karla Chambers

This is about my grandmother. Intertextual reference: Jack and the Beanstalk.

Darkness Surrounding Chapter 2

Ira Robinson

Introducing more of the main characters and delving into their relationships together. Continuing the novel I am currently in the midst of :D

The Story of the Nemesis (3)

Cly Novak

Here is the thrid entree. Not as sad as the first two, but sad enough.

Fairy Garden of Sanction

Janine Lucas

Deep in the woods just beyond the edge of you backyard lies a garden. It is untouched by progress and the ways of the human race and it is truly amazing. Yet this garden is unknown to those who are not true of heart and mind leaving few of us who have experienced it. I hope one day you will experience it on your journey through life for it will change everything you think you know about this existence. But I think for now to satisfy your hunger for knowing the truth about it I will tell you a story. The story is about a girl named Leilana whose name means ‘Heavenly Flower’ and her quest to find peace and serenity.

Kiasa's Garden (a short story)

Laura *sonyara*Kastel

This short story is one of my first attempts at a short story. I really like it. It is very sad, and its one of those things that comes from deep inside. I hope you like it.

Me and Myself

Jayne Leonard

This is a poem about the mind of a character I am currently writing a story about. It describes the two different mind sets she has and how she battles with the two. I have tried to encompase and emphasise this idea using direct contrast through the prose but through the rhyming structure of it too.

Sins of Passion ch.2

Shuo Chen


Sarah Larson

a poem about abuse...