John Ingebrigtsen

Something I wrote whilst in a rather darkened mood. A philosophy upon life that has a rather grim twist to it. What is scary, is that a lot of people so far have identified with it.

The Abyss

Jean Boree

This poem was written for a friend of mine 'Angel' who is a cherished friend and to whom I give this poem as a gift. After living through a horrible storm and loosing everything to that storm ,I wanted to give her something special to show that I'm thinking of her and wishing a swift recovery! :) *hugs* For those wondering, the abyss is a role playing channel Angel runs and which I have the pleasure of helping out with :O) I hope you guys who are intrested in rps will email me so I can send you to see her web page and you can possibly join us one day!:)

Bungee-Jumping in the Abyss

Michael Roach' Jan├čen

This is a filk - a song sung to a famous tune. You'll probably know the tune... We went, as the title says, bugee jumping in an abyss, in a Fantasy campaign. This is what resulted from it...

A Draon's Journey Ch 4

Bridget Duncan

chapter 4 the climax.

Good morning, World!

Andrew Watson

A Demon is unexpectedly pulled into existence and sets about trying to figure out how in hell everything works...

When the Rains came

Lee Twigger

A storm floods a small town after a severe drought, bringing with it nameless horrors lurking beneath the earth.

Shelter from the Storm

Rachel Mills

Yaheya searches for place to shelter from the coming storm, but instead she is cast into a strange fate.Being one part of Saga of the Falcon-Snake, the tale of the legendary Russockshitha Kadaken. This is a tentative draft.

Fugitive are memories (poem)

Nike aka LadyMin

This is a poem about the terrifying beauty of life, the infinite circle of love and loss... oh well. Just read it. ^_^


Andrew Starling

A poem about a ghostly boy, and a demonic pond.

In The Abyss (Part 1)

Heather Passow

This one was a bit large, so broke it into two segments. Upon losing the Clearing as a metaphor, I adopted the Abyss as my 'home' of sorts.


Karen Krueger

Fairly short and written in the spur of the momnet.

~ Mistress of the Abyss ~

J. Coates

I was questioning many things in life, while at the same time reading some darker fantasy.

The Door

L. Viner

About a door that guards the passage to the edge of the world.

Insanity.. An act of Devestation

Gina Nigro

In everyones life simple things make no sence. I went wild with this just throwing thoughts together. I kind of like the confusing effect...

Dark Designs Part 2

Cole Chang

A shadowy predator of the dark becomes obsessed with a preteen girl.

Feather's Poem

Jean Boree

This is for a rp char, who I have just began to play. It's sorta a view into her world.. anyhow tell me what you guys pick up off this one please? and what it makes you picture.. thanks :O)

Feather's Sorrow

Jean Boree

This is part two of another poem found here. Feather is a slave in an Rp relam where gods, monsters, magic and all other sorts of things dwell.. this is of her sorrow now that she has forever lost her beloved..

Speaker In The Mist

Ryan A. Burpee

An ancient evil from the Abyss has resurfaced, and almost all of the inhabitants of Middle World are oblivious, except for those few who know of the Ki'Do'Shin. Few choose to fight these demons, but those who do are called Speakers.


Charis Robinson

A thing that in my mind while on holidays, inspired by the Evanescence song 'Whisper'

In The Abyss (Part 2)

Heather Passow

The second segment of the Abyss sequence.