Gr4nt Br4nd0n

A poem about.. Just read the dang thing!


Jess Hickman

Brea is the new girl, a mountain lion/fox cross with a flare for Medieval style. Will she be accepted into the school of pure bred students?

The Other Side OF Chance

Jackie Blanchette

this is a sort of sequal to the poem chance. Chance tells of the fate who gives lives, and the other side of chance is the fate that gives death

The Struggle Chapter 5: Rejuvenation

Michael Bloome

New life flows through him as he understands what's truly important.

The Water's Edge

Lindsay Lockhart

Just a little story of a little girl and a little boy with a little somethin' to say.

Jeanette 10a The rest of acceptance

Erin Wilkinson

This is the rest of chapter 10

The Temple Orphan

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

Yea, yea... not my best of titles, but i like the piece. This is a short story and a prequel-ish tale to my Sinner's Song stuff. ~cheers~ AND it is all about Nathyn! really, Luna?? How kewl... ~blushes deeply~ I feel special... Yep, it's a bit dark, but I like it.. so there you go...

Glan Truhgad Chapter Two

Jackie Blanchette

this is the continueing story of glan trughad.. it is not the final chapter for i am still working on it but it will be done soon

Beyond Dreaming - 07 Dreams Come True

Meike Nooy

Leila finds that not everything is always the way it seems, ritual or not, and Joran is rushed into things which doesn;t relly suit him very well.. Finally Tara wonders how grown-ups (in her eyes) can be so wierd and confusing as she seemt to oversee the whole situation from her little girls point of view...

Heart of a Lady - Chapter Three

Abigail Fay

Wow, you stuck it out through the first two chapters, and now one to the third and last - for now. This is as far as I've gotten in my book right now, but once I finish chapter four (assuming I EVER do) then I'll post it up here right away! This one follows Adrienne's early life with humans, living with a new family, and, well I won't give it away. :) Commentscommentscommentscomments...Sorry, I'm a bit hyper right now!

Jeanette 10 Acceptance

Erin Wilkinson

Edward reluctantly comes to accept that he can not stop the wedding between Jeanette and his son


Dave Heward

A souls fight against the power of Death.

Raven Flight Chapter Six

David Rookhuyzen

Chapter Six is now up and going. The difficulty with this chapter was going from chapter five, which wasn't in my original rough draft, back to the where I wanted the story to go. Interesting side note. The Elf Randori wasn't in my rough draft at all. But I added him and he makes an interesting dynamic to Damion. Read and see!

Ornieva and Arydosk

Alisha Dean

The young goddess Ornieva meets a strange but gentle creature, a son of her family's enemies.

To Whom It May Concern

Rachel Poole

A Vampire woman's Fairy friend tries to persuade her mother to reconcile.

If Dogs Could Cry: Prologue

Julian 'Llos' Greene

Well, this is the prologue to my sci-fi story, 'If Dogs Could Cry'. It starts off the story with John Letanious, one of the two main characters. In the first chapter of the story, you'll meet Doran Hawkins, a govermentally hired mercenary, the other main character. The story revolves around the two of them and whats happens to them.

Heart of Gold

Baz Dwornik

His was a life of fear, betrayals, and heartbreak, and he'd grown up a bitter, callous man. He never would have suspected that an old hermit would change that. 7.24.06 - Thanks to the moderator who chose this story for recognition and to all commenters.

The Second Gate War 2

Christie Lovat

This is the second part of my story out of an infinate number of parts. I hope you enjoyed the first part and are looking for more on the Second Gate war. This is a story about friendship, loyalties, honor, and what happend when those things are threatened. (And yes, there are dragons, and fighting and gory bits. This may be a story about friendship and honor and all that but I couldn't really call it fantasy without some gory battle scenes now could I?)Anyway, i hope you enjoy it. I know I sure enjoyed writing it.

Kalong's Quest

Jeffrey Casey

A half-breeds quest for accepctance

The Boy and the General

Joanna Piancastelli

This was written in a rush for a very dear friend's birthday. All of my gift stories are written in a rush. My Christmas story was still being written on Christmas day. What a silly I am. Still, I think it turned out rather well and I love the relationship between these two. Dear Ewen is of course my character and Theren... well, that's a tricky one. Technically he's the son of one of Kat's characters (the story was for her, love ya, Kat!) and Mir's characters, but I seem to have written him more than either of them. The placenames are still undecided so I have temporary places until we get them sorted. Creating five new languages takes a long time. C&C very welcome! note to mods: I've had this story rejected before, I've now put orcs in to make it more obviously fantasy.