Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 12, the accident

Rian Sanderse

There is still war, Elves, Dwarves and humen are fighting. They fall as brothers. Somewhere outside the fighting zone something else happens though...

Miss Winter Chapter 3

Reetta Järvenpää

The story continues...

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 6

Nicholas Turner

Strange events following an accident at the research facility.


Fritz Nosbaum

Take a lonely evening, a computer, a bottle of Vodka and a Fritz. Mix it thoroughly, wait a night... and this is what you get! I rediscovered the story only now; thought I'd never finished it...

Elevator Angel

Nicolei Arnold

(The song from the story is the theme song to 'The Partridge Family') A small business building stood in the smoggy city. It was going to be a big business, yet it still needed work. A young man walks through the double doors with his briefcase, whistling and humming to himself. Inside, he walks over to the elevator and glances at his watch patiently.

Rebirth Chapter Two - Judgement

Nicholas Ramsden

Edward and Kate face judgement in front of the Pearly Gates. How will an athiest cope with the Christian afterlife?

Illoynoss Warriors- Chapter 2- The Continuing Pains

Danielle Ingram

The second chapter of my story. It's pretty long I know but I had no idea where to end it.

Rebirth Chapter One - Death

Nicholas Ramsden

Two children are killed in a tragic car accident. What happens next, once your life is over?

Nothing Else Matters

Nicolei Arnold

The house was warm, aside from the cold outside. It was a fairly big place, but the world seemed so small to Dante. He sat quietly, lost in his deep hurtful thoughts. The memories good and bad, the love he'd missed so much. For him time had stopped completely, and he felt most utterly alone...

The Accident

Aaron Alexander

This is the first (written, not chronological) story about Rabek Jeris. He's a character I play on and I'm rather proud of it. It isn't a happy story, so be warned. Although I play him on the DragonHame forums, the village of Emani and everything else in the story is original.

The unfinished Window Curtain

Erin Smith

I was inspired by own unfinished window curtain that just scared me one. I had to sleep with my blankets over my head wondering if something was going to attack me...but I had to make the story more interesting and feature a character that's not like me.

The Hairy Hand

Amy Schley

Continuing with my law theme, this is a retelling of one of the most famous law cases in contract law: Hawkins v. McGee aka 'The Hairy Hand case.' With a name like that, shouldn't werewolves be involved somehow? The quotes about whether or not a contract was formed are actually from the real case. (Which under copyright law are in the public domain.)

In a Second

Geneva V.G.' Sinclair

A sad poem, I wrote this after reading a poem by another elfwood writer that was written for her friend who was killed by a stoplight-run driver.

The Accident

Christopher McGee

This is a poem that I wrote. And after I wrote it...I wondered why.

Night sky

Karin Edman

Another ultra short


D. Villanueva

An unfortunate turn of events for a man wishing to end it all

Thirteen Stars- Chapter One

Laura Lowes

Desdemona Loup lost her parents in what everyone keeps calling an accident but Dess doesn't believe it was. Dess knows the truth but her mind is blocking it out. Then there's her addiction to the number thirteen and the dreams about the angel.....finally there's Edward, mysterious and gorgeous a fatal combination or so Dess is just starting to find out.