Of devils and demons

Alexandru Moisi

This is more of a philosophical monologue about the reasoning of devils and why they do the things they do.

The Sixth Day

sarah tasker

Okay, this is my interpretation of the first chapter of the biblical book of Genesis, only instead of Eve being the first woman, i chose to have Lilith (Adam's supposed first wife) be there at the creation. It is only the first six days of the universe, and is fairly short (2 pages on microsoft word). It is the prologue of what i hope will evolve into a longer story centering around Lilith and her life in the Garden and outside of it. i am and athiest, and this is strictly an exploration of the Garden of Eden story. the first bible story had always interested me, though i do not personally think that it had happened--it's possible, but not very probablye in my case. i don't mean to step on the toes of anyone who is profoundly religious.  this is not meant to be offensive in any way to any person. if you don't like things of this nature, or are uncomfortable with them, feel free to never ever have to read it. i will not be offended. thank you for your consideration. :)oh, and yes, i wrote "the sixth dat" somewhere by accident, but as i am unsure where exactly i wrote it wrong, i cannot properly fix it. be assured, it is supposed to say "the sixth day".

Leviathan: The Living Legend 4

Nathanael Eisner

Leviathan’s decisions lead to their ultimate conclusion.

Leviathan: The Living Legend 3

Nathanael Eisner

With his name now known, a plan is developed. But, is it worth it?

Creation Story

Che Joseph Monro

The creation of the world, mankind, and stuff.

Dream of the Garden

Angela Sasser

An angel begins a journey that will forever change my life. Inspired by a dream once upon a night.

The Balance Chapter - 2

Hitesh Juneja

This started as a fantasy pertaining to God and Devil. However, I've now tied it into The Balance. Can be read as a standalone too, as it doesn't continue from the Chapter 1.

Them's the Brakes

Katherine Grantham

Inspired by a friend's moving experience, involving one of the most terrifyingly unroadworthy vehicles I have heard tell of. Whoa, mods choice first time out of the gate. Guess the Elfwood donation is good for something.  *wry grin*Corrected a couple of misspellings. Knew I should have used a spell-checker... Nertz! Correcting the misspellings lost the Mods Choice icon! Scream! Wail! Other imprecations as required! If I ever get another one you'll just have to live with any stupid misspellings! * pout*


Simi *Muffin Queen*

You may already know her story; it is an old, old story. It is the story of a garden, and the loss of perfection. You may already know Lilith's story, but this is not hers. This story is not so old as that, for Lilith is older than all things. This story is about Eve. This is Eve's story of the garden and the snake's secret smile. I was a little hesitant to write this at all, and even more hesitant to put it on Elfwood. It does have a heavy religious tone to it, but I'm not trying to preach anything. I've been obsessed with telling Lilith's side of the story, and when someone suggested I tell Eve's, I couldn't resist. I apologize if this offends anyone in any way. Glossary of Hebrew terms (italics) at the end of the story. Comments and critiques welcomed. Enjoy!

The Real Creation Story

Adam Weber

um...see title


Eva Golden

A revised story of a man who finally admitts to his crimes and damn to live a life of torture

Leviathan: The Living Legend 2

Nathanael Eisner

With the Sixth Day over, the universe is finished. But is everything settled? Serpent may have a single hope.

Of Bloom in a Land between Eden

Peter a.k.a Dauphin

I don't know if you could call this a religious story, at least it can be seen as tribute to two of my favourite bible stories. So this might be as religious as I can get, in any case you should not take it too seriously.

Fruit of Knowlege of Good and Evil

LeilaniGrace Gonzaga

I actually did this for English homework, though I got really into writing this. We were suppose to chose a character from Genisis and rewrite it into first person. I wrote about the snake cause I've always wondered why the snake would do such a thing. I got more in depth with this even though its short.

History of the Dryad (Chap 4 beginning)

Dana Caldwell

I finally filled in the gap between this and the beginning of the story... So now the conversation has a little more context.

The Life Of Eve

E. Aust

Another small story. This one represents alot to me. I understand my mistake. I called Eve a virgin while talking of her children. I decided not to change it because her virginity to me means something quite different.


Melinda Reynolds

God commands the Angels to serve Mankind; Lucifer and Satan plan the Rebellion


Melinda Reynolds

The Angel Warriors of Heaven as told from the POV of Angel Warrior Mihdael, Archangel Michael's Second-in-Command


Melinda Reynolds

God commands Angels to serve Mankind; Lucifer and Satan plot the Rebellion

Shattered Destiny Chapter Seven (the thin line)

william albrecht

Chapter 7 of 'Shattered Destiny'...a continuation of the prologue.