To Return

Peter Blair

My contribution to Herscher Project 19 (a very last minute affair for me, I joined tHP about a week before the project deadline). This one proved to be a challenge. The pictures I were given by our fearless leader, Jim Bowers, were much darker than I cared to write about. I gave my character an interesting sense of humour in order to lighten the mood. Special thanks to Malin M. Larsson of tHP for a wonderful title (my original really stank)!

The Wind Follows Him

Mathais A'Court

This is a Sci-Fi story I came up with. The main character, I realized while I was writing it kinda reminds me of Sepiroth, the guy from Final Fantasy VII. I assure you, it's purely coincidental. Anyway, This is one of my better stories I think.

The White Flame: Chapter 3

E. Szydloski

In Chapter 3... stuff happens! Okay, okay, I'll tell you more. Let's see, you find out a good deal more about Gorden... and Gerik and Braeden, for that matter. And the significance of the title is hinted at. Enjoy!

The White Flame: Chapter 14

E. Szydloski

Warning: I wrote about 3/4 of this chapter between the hours of 12 AM and 3:30 AM (also, I took a couple Tetris breaks and was listening to - and singing - Weezer songs such as Jamie and Paperface while writing... and it's impossible to sing Paperface without doing serious headbanging). I did go over it in the morning (the REAL morning - after I'd had sleep), but if anything is just incredibly off, I blame the time and the musical influence - anyone who blames Tetris will be punished for besmirching its honor. Usually I stop myself at 2:30, but I was in the zone, and I'd just gotten over a few days' worth of writer's block. Anyway, you might be happy to know that this chapter is the very longest yet (if you take into account the fact that 13 was only as long as it was because it had 3 songs). I actually got through everything I intended for it! This means that there IS an action sequence, although it is much blurrier than the one in chapter 12. Aside from action, there is magic training! Am I good to you guys, or what? :) Oh, and Andy has to deal with concepts such as children and favorite colors. Before anyone says it, I know I've been neglecting Gerik and Rhy. I'm getting to it - scout's honor! Cut me some slack. :) And please, let me know if you think the battle scene is overly dramatic.

The White Flame: Chapter 13

E. Szydloski

IMPORTANT: I edited chapter 12. You need to re-read the fight scene. If not, eh, prepare to be slightly confused. On to pleasanter things. I wrote three songs for one chapter. Appreciate me! Please? Anyway, there is some verbal warfare, but no actual violence in this chapter. I promise, though, there is magic training in chapter 14, and, depending on how much page space I take up in getting to a certain point, there may be a BIG fight in it - otherwise that'll be in 15. So between such actiony chapters as 12 and (hopefully) 14, I give a chapter of mild bickering iced with forgiveness. And lots of music. And a little flirting on the part of everyone's favorite Bard. But not too much - come on, folks, he's still Brae!

The White Flame: Chapter 17 (pt 2)

E. Szydloski

Second half of chappie 17.

The White Flame: Chapter 8

E. Szydloski

Not a lot of action in this one (I know, I know, I'm getting back to the plot soon, but not much action can happen while Brae is still sick, and so much non-action is happening that I can't just skip over it), but I promise that there is important information in this chapter. There's one thing in particular that would be subtle, only I mention it three times. Anywho, I'm starting to be afraid that I'm neglecting action for romance, but I swear its not on purpose, it just happens, and I write it. Ah well, tell me what you think about that. I need to know someone else's opinion. What else can I say? Well, this chapter is mostly Andy and Brae. But don't get your hopes up too high. *innocent smile* There will be more introspection on Andy's part, more Kiomo in general, and more action in the next chapter (at least, there should be, I had meant for them to get back on the road in this chapter, and you can see how that turned out).


Mischa Pringle

This story was done for an English assignment, but I figured I could use the assignment as an excuse to write a background for a future Earthdawn character. The story is no longer set in Barsaive or has anything to do with Earthdawn (Wyvern Rules)

The White Flame: Chapter 2

E. Szydloski

In chapter 2, you finally get to meet Braeden! Hurrah! Huzzah! Hurrah! And I you learn a little (a very little) about who Gorden is and there may or may not be some vague references as to what exactly he is doing. Did I just use 'vague' and 'exactly' in the same sentence? You better believe it!

The White Flame: Chapter 11

E. Szydloski

No action - I promise I'll get some action in soon enough, but there just hasn't been room! Lot's of plot development, and I think you'll be happy with that. And some more thematic dialogue. This one is longish, which is partially due to the fact that there's a new SONG! No sound clip of it yet, but it's a very metered marching song, and for all that I wrote it in 15 minutes (it would have taken longer without my rhyming dictionary, which I usually save for when I get stuck, but in this case it was midnight and I wanted to finish the darn chapter already) I think it's entertaining. I like it anyway, tell me what you think.

The White Flame: Prologue

E. Szydloski

This is the prologue to a book in progress. It's about a girl coming into her own, pretty much. And there's magic and music and fighting and all that good stuff. The prologue just introduces Andellyn (the girl) and Kiomo (the mentor figure). I've tried to give the story a bit of a celtic flavor, but that's not really very evident in the prologue. And I've been told it's funny.

The White Flame: Chapter 1

E. Szydloski

Continuation of The White Flame! Wow. Anywho, in the first chapter Andellyn leaves the Academy with Kiomo and they meet some of Kiomo's old friends. Okay, two. But Gerik, another main character, is introduced, and the conflict and antagonist are identified! And we get to see just how naive Andellyn is. *shakes head at the teachings of the Academy*

The White Flame: Chapter 4

E. Szydloski

In this chapter, there's some action, there's some romance, and there's MUSIC. I wrote a song for this chapter, but, obviously, you have no clue what the tune is. You can hear a (bad) recording of me (badly) singing some of the song here.

The White Flame: Chapter 7

E. Szydloski

Where Chapter 6 was funnier, Chapter 7 is a bit darker and sadder. It is, however, not without its comic relief (three young, gabby, priestesses of Rhianna come to mind). You do get a little more insight to the religion of Creddarn. Speaking of which, I'd be interested to hear from all of you what you've been able to piece together of the religion from what little I've told you, and any conclusions (if any) you may have drawn from what you've gleaned. And if anyone wants me to write up a Creddarn creation story or merely a basic summary of the religion, I'd be happy to, so let me know!

The White Flame: Chapter 9

E. Szydloski

It's a miracle! They're back on the road! And I get to make two new minor characters! Muahahahaha. Anyway, there's some more magic training, finally, and Finn gets to have a little fun. Now go read!

The White Flame: Chapter 10

E. Szydloski

Yes, I have finally brought you the next chapter! This is a short one, but I like it. Not really much action, if any, but the plot does actually progress and there is a little thematically important dialogue.

The White Flame: Chapter 16

E. Szydloski

What DOESN'T this chapter have? There's action, there's magic, there's intrigue. There's Gorden. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUNNN!!! That's right, folks, Gorden makes his grand debut in this very chapter, and I do hope he throws you for a loop. Okay, go read! Go! Go!

The White Flame: Chapter 6

E. Szydloski

Yes, finally, I finished chapter 6! I'll be very busy for a while, so 7 could be a month or more in coming, so enjoy this. I rather like this chapter. I think it's a bit funnier than some of the previous ones. It's kind of a getting-to-know Rhyfellur chapter, so although other things happen in it, there's not a terrible amount of plot advancement. It is an important chapter though. Hope everyone likes it.

The White Flame: Chapter 5

E. Szydloski

A lot of stuff happens in this chapter. We get to see Gerik in ladies' man mode, Andy begins showing signs of possessing a backbone, Braeden gets to be angry, Kiomo gets a wee bit Machiavellan (but I think I'd do the same in his position, and hopefully not too many people will condemn him), and a new character is introduced. Are you interested yet? Well, I don't know how else to entice you without giving away the really big thing that happens... but I'll tell you this much... it involves Andy's magic... Now go read, already!

The White Flame: Chapter 12

E. Szydloski

As promised, I squeezed some action in, even though it made the chapter a bit lengthier than I intended. You finally get to see a fully enraged Brae! There are also some touching friendly moments that probably belong in a made-for-TV movie on the Lifetime channel. Enjoy! Edit: I changed the fight scene some so Brae wouldn't get stuck with icky legalities.