The Power Within (Ch.1)

K. Birchfield

Six totally different people get thrown together in this epic tale of love, laughs, and well, fights. As the story progresses they learn that being the best isn't the only thing that matters . . . * * * The first chapter, is rather explainitory, but hey? How good could the story if you have no idea what the hell is going on, right? Lol. *^_^*

Brog's Intro

William Staples

Ok. Someone mentioned to me, after hearing some of my ideas for Derek and Zan, that they show no heart. So, taking that into consideration, I created Brog. Brog is most likely going to be a permenant character. I like him so far. I also, like the fact that he breaks the stereotypical boundaries of goblins that most books seem to place them in as cowardly, and evil. Tell me what you think :)

The Competition

William Staples

In this story, Zandra meets someone she falls for, in more than one way!

Storm and Tempest

William Staples

This is Storm and Tempest after their birth.

Hunters and preys

Patricio Gronda

I don't know. Another vampires story, with one of the characters from 'Marital argument'.

The Castle Part VII

William Staples

This is part 7 of the series "The Castle".  In this, you will find the return of some old Soltharus family friends, as well as a prelude to the upcoming trouble.


William Staples

This is the story of Knight Lord Apharot Soltharus and some of his adventures :) It is a continuing work for now and I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome all comments and advice on it :) I have changed the beginning because I want to use the dragon, Storm in a different way :)

The Castle

William Staples

This is an introduction of Azareth Silvershield, how he fits in, and Castle Soltharus. It also shows a brand new cast mingling with the old one.


Annie Harrington

Writers beware. . . This may be happening to you. . . This is quite possibly the longest story that I've posted here as of this date. . . Tell me what you think :) Comments are always appreciated. Also, some of these characters may be reappearing *gasp* on other, future stories. . .

Black, White, and Adrian 4

Jayme Gilchrist

Yes... I have skipped a chapter for now. The third chapter mainly consists of Adrian getting drunk by the docks and wandering into the brothel next door to talk to the manager who is an old friend of his. This is actually chapter four and titled: 'With the Stars in Her Eyes.'

Lord of the Spiders

Jayme Gilchrist

I guess the subject is pretty obvious once you read it. It was written to just get my thoughts out. The voice, or 'I,'could be my own or my character Adrian's of 'While the Sun was Down.' I wanted to portray the falling of a person in a fantasy-like way; falling into the loom of the Lord of the Spiders.As a side note, this poem ended up being my suicide note because I felt it described perfectly how I felt. But I am much better, and still getting better. For anyone's information I suffered from anxiety disorder (but didn't know it) and depression. And I just wanted to say to anyone who might be or come into the position I was in, You are not alone; I survived and I'm always here. Write an e-mail, comment, anything.That's all.

The Power Within (2)

K. Birchfield

The second chapter. Yeah, um, well, they set out, and the story picks up. Ya know, it's kind of hard to describe with out giving away the plot twists *unforunatly something I'm terrible at doing*

Chapter 1

Ryan Blackburn

The first chapter. I'm just throwing this together, will get it all fancied up later.

Darwin's Pull Chapter 03

Pandora Atkinson

Continuing from Chapter 02

Introduction of Derek

William Staples

This is how Derek met Apharot. :) Also shows a young Zandra and Adrian.

Black, White, and Adrian 2

Jayme Gilchrist

The second chapter to my story, titled: 'Spring's Alleyway.' Any comments at all are more than welcome!

Black, White, and Adrian 5

Jayme Gilchrist

Chapter 5 for the same story: 'The Savior.' Again, please leave some tips or comments- I'd be very grateful!

Black, White, and Adrian 1

Jayme Gilchrist

This is the first chapter of a story I have been thinking about for a while, it's called 'Dirty Old Town.' This is a work in progress, but the characters have been in development for a long time. I would appreciate any comments or criticism you have!