Midnight and Amber Chpt 3a

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the Woods- Meeting up again with Landros and Adrick, as well as her newest friends, Rog and Keltree to rescue a group of missing children

Midnight and Amber Chpt 8b

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 8: The Warren continued. The price of Power... or... 'Gotcha'


Sophie Starr

The first part of my story. If I get a few positive comments, or any at all, then I will write and upload another story.

The Game 1D2

Jessica Cannon

Finding out what lies behind a dragon's siege suddenly reveals itself to be much harder than expected, as this group of rpg-ers find out, when politics and a minor (but un-violent) coup combine. Now with new dragon/virgin joke!

Midnight and Amber CH3c

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the Wood- part 3: The children are found and rescued, but at what cost?

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3b

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the woods, part 2. A ship, a hurricane, a mysterious islandand a forest full of bad guys.....

Midnight and Amber Chpt 8a

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 8: The Warren. Things get very interesting as the Lord Mayor puts Landros's idea to work. Meanwhile, Landros finds out he actually a general of an underground (literally) army or short stature and invisible status. Later, Lark discovers where all the monsters are coming from and pays the ultimate price muwahahaha!

Midnight and Amber Chpt 4

Sandra Wagner

The Long Way Home: The return to Portswain and the trouble in between! Will Landros come to his senses? Will Keltree survive? Read on!

Midnight and Amber CH5b

Sandra Wagner

Conversations continued....

Midnight and Amber Chpt 2b

Sandra Wagner

The continuation of chapter 2 (sorry, it was too long by 'that' much!)

Midnight and Amber Chpt 7b

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 7: Politics and Shadow Plays part 2. We see how Keltree fares, a little more anti-gypsy trouble with a Chimera and a bar fight and... all ending in a rainy night....

The Game 2D1

Jessica Cannon

Build a Better Mousetrap: One their second trip to the parallel world known only as 'the parallel world', our brave adventurers meet a group of merchants waylaid by slavers. Together, they mount a plan to thwart the slavers which may involved getting along with one another, and many innuendos.

The Dwarven Remembrance

Carol McFarlane

An old dwarf bard tells the tale of a ruined kingdom.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 1

Sandra Wagner

No change to document, just shifting parts between two files to make it fit as Extranet decided after 2 years that it was too long. Another of those old tales I wrote ages ago and haven't quite completed. This one I just lost my momentum (ie my muse got bored with it and REALLY ticked off at the guy who was 'helping' me with it) somewhere around chapter 10. Thought you guys might like something new to peer at. This one is an episodic adventurerer novel with lots of side characters but two main ones. All the 'adventures' (aka chapters) have one or the other of these two in it or both as it is for these two that the book is named. Read, hopefully enjoy, either way, tell me what you think.

Midnight at the Cemetary

Paul Jackson

An adventurer seeks entrance to the catacombs one night...

Arrow - Part 1

John Bailey

This was one of many attempts to start a rather lengthy storyline. I'm no longer so sure if I'm going to use this one, although of all of the possibilities this one is the least dark, and focuses more on the (possible) main character of the stories. An adventurer pays a visit to old friends and obtains a mysterious sword.

The Game 2D3

Jessica Cannon

Some Kind Of Love Song: Can Richard ever stop taking his clothes off, or will Kathrina's magic song force him to rip his skin off ala Robbie Williams? Find out, and find out how he copes knowing the Khan is a lecherous old wo-man, after his booty - Not Kathrina's. What will the others do to save them? Apart from make snide remarks filled with double entendres?

The Game 1D3

Jessica Cannon

As our brave heroes encounter their first dragon together, how will they prevail? And, what cruel twist will be revealed to the group concerning the wicked Lord Horan's ill begotten wealth? Find out in - this story...

The Game 1D1

Jessica Cannon

A group of adventures meet to play a standard RPG. However, with the introduction of a cynical new guy and his evil bone dice, the game rapidly takes on a new turn. This introduces the characters for a new series, and having only ever played RPGs three times, my portrayal may frustrate some veterans, but be assured I don't make fun of any specific game (hey, they're all about fun, right?) just the silly little rules that crop up in every game, from chess to football.

The Game 1D4

Jessica Cannon

As we at last encounter a dimetrically possible gimmick title for this episode, we also watch our heroes battle together, then battle some enemies together. However, might alone is not enough to save the day, an they soon find themselves bringing the concept of accountability to a politican. Now, if that isn't fantasy I don't know what is.