The Captain

Rebecca Dias

This sprouted from virtually nothing. I just wanted to practice my skills at describing a moment in time (when he wakes up), and look into all of his senses, then the story just came out. Obviously this is not finished, and I have grand ideas for the characters. I might finish it someday, I might not, but in the mean time, let me know what you think. I'm rather proud of this little slice of entertainment.

Near to Dreams - Part I

Lindsay Verde

2012 UPDATE: Sadly, I just don't have time to work on this piece anymore. Other stories and characters are demanding my time and attention. So even though I've chosen to keep this up on my shelf, I won't be posting any further chapters. If you're looking for a current project, I recommend Dragon Mistress.Here is the first chapter of my nanowrimo 2007 story. Rayne has always wondered about the hurricane that landed her family on an island that no one has ever heard of. Newly motherless, she is welcomed into the tribe by almost everyone, but there are those who don't like her because of certain gifts that develop the longer she is there. Now, 15 years later, another hurricane is about to disrupt Rayne's life. April 20072012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.


Steven Butler

This is the introduction of Asawka' Warrior of the Sun'

Closest to the Sun

Liz Salazar

This was actually something I wrote back in 7th grade, for a reading class project where we had to write a myth(gotta love those reading classes!) I rediscovered it while cleaning out some old stuff. I read it over, sighed, shook my head, and contemplated burning it. When I got over my lack of talent, I decided to rewrite it. Sooo... Here it is! (Spring '00)