Happily Ever After

Eve Peters-Campbell

Have you ever dreamed of living the fairy tales? Of riding off into the sunset with the perfect other, whether knight in shining armor or beautiful damsel newly-out-of-distress, and living, as they say, happily ever after? Well, what if the happily ever after wasn't quite all it was cracked up to be....

Of Players and Poets: The End

Lauren Christine

Thank you Alice and Liz for actually reading this story, as nobody else on elfwood did. *sniff* not that i'm complaining, i wove you guys lots!! Hope you like the end! ^_^

Rift of Existence: Unexpected Beginnings

Elizabeth Kretzschmar

The first in the 'Rift of Existence' timeline so far. Way before the rest of the story, but still important.


Kirsten Smith

Ok, I wrote this rather quickly so there isn't a lot of detail, but I like it.

Angels in the myst

Angela Karr

A girl is haunted by a past she did not even know she had

The River Passing By

Cheryl White

The river runs so cool and swift, yet swifter and sweeter still flows the song of the unicorn......

Beauty: Chapters 4-6

Lauren Christine

Well, that's the end of my short story-mini-chapterbookish thing. ^_^ hope you liked it!

The Peoples of the Day (poem)

Ellen Jurik

Errr... this poem is just kindof going on about how animals are people and people are animals etc etc... I dunno. Hard to explain. My friend once said it had a 'fantasy feel' to it, but it isn't exactly high fantasy, but... well... whatever. Tell me what you think.

Death's Diary -chapter one pg-13

April ]-[3L' Jones

Ok this is something i did a while in school. I took my time in writing it because there was no need for it in Lit. class. I was holding it for an essay topic.

The Riddle

sarah tasker

Here's the riddle that inspired this story: You are stuck in a forest, and cannot get out because, no matter which way you go, you run into a large stone wall. You soon realize that the wall surrounds the forest. Eventually, you run into a part of the wall, where two goblins guard two doors: One door leads to the other part of the forest and to safety, and the other door leads to death--you don't know which one is which. You have one question to ask either one or the other of the goblins--one always tells the truth, and one always lies, and again you don't know which one is which. What is the question you ask? And what do you do to figure out which door leads to safety?

Happily Ever After?

Allison Westfall

And they all lived happily ever after... or did they? Written for writers group. Topic: 'The Joy of...'

Happily Ever After

Acacia Brovedani

Rather uninspired title, I know, but I've never been very good at those. This is the tale of a favorite old storybook heroine.... but probably a little different then you last heard it.

The Various Deaths of Samantha Pritt

Acacia Brovedani

I wrote this after reading a certain series by a certain someone - rather well known. See if you can guess who. By the way, I'm not happy with the ending yet. So if it seems off, that's why.

After Death (a poem)

Kaisa I. Stilger

a poem about being/becoming a vampire. writen 1-23-99

Mr. Reaper

Matthew Poole

Poem: Mr. Reaper makes a visit

After Hours

Kimberly Meisel

This was for writing club; 40 minutes with the prompt of 'After Hours'. :P I wrote this while deeply depressed, so it ended up a little strange. . .

Train of Thought

Alexander Gabriel

A modern mad scientist tries to rescue a thousand souls.

The Ballad of Tristan

Melanie Füchsel

This is a ballad written for my mythology class. It includes an analysis at the bottom. FYI, After is a boy in a story I'm still writing.

Halls of Lore

Dennis Thornton

A short poem about the afterlife.

After Dark

Lance Greenlee

On the world of Kattal, things are falling apart.  If you want to survive, swear to the Pact, and don't go out after dark.  If you are ever out late, don't listen to the voices!