Lullabye ~poem~

Erica Martin

A poem of what goes through a dying warriors last thoughts. Don't be harsh on me, it's my first poem online.

Death's Tears Parts 7-10

Leigh Erickson

Well... these would be the darkest most angsty chapters... very angsty... I was NOT in a very peppy mood when I wrote these... heh... keep that in mind *hides* More Garnor and Alranos and the pain of being Death. Eternal thanks to Joelle and Becca for their editing help... oh... and this is the last set of chapters where Garnor was an Elf... anyone who is/was and elf is not a Maiel... but I was too lazy to change it here... when i do the major edit I'll switch that (and the POV problem in here as well... I'm so lazy... should so not be a writer^_~) umm... enjoy? *runs away*


Garon Whited

'Dead' doesn't mean 'finished.'


Chelsea Doop

this is one of the few poems that i've written. its a poem about a ghost woman recounting centuries in a void because of a sacrifice she made... just read it. you'll find out.

Fall of a Sparrow (For Emily)


Romance... I've never been very good at writing it, I fear. My internal monitor has a low tolerance for it, though perhaps this simply means that I am a sap and heart and trying to fight it, who knows. Stories with 'story book romances' tend to annoy me. I do like unusual love stories, though, especially when they are only a single part of a greater tale and yet manage to hold their own. I also love the ever-so-rare and elusive platonic loves, but that has little to do with the following. This is a romance, or a piece of one at any rate. Most romances center around two people meeting and falling in love. This is a bit different. There is also a lot of background that has been left out intentionally. This makes the tale very experimental, and yet I hope it works. Critiques and suggestions are very welcome.Yes, Em, I wrote this for you. Yes, it is about the Sparrow you know. 

The White Place

Damon Sasi

Names have not been changed, as I have permission to use them. In loving memory to my friend, Harry Narkes, 1988-2004. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS.

The Other Side- Chapter One

Natalie-Jayne Edwards

Nathaniel forces himself to be alone because of a gift he calls a curse, he can see the dead, he is on a mission to find his daughter's soul which was taken from the other side and placed in a clone of her, Nathaniel refuses to accept the legalisation of clones but can he accept his daughter now?

Wolves Bane

John Shortall

A write up of some history of a book I have written, it tells of how an important character becomes what he his.

A Taken Toe Sock

Heather Moyer

Ever wonder where all those missing socks go? Maybe they help the people who are gone remember who they once were...


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

Wrote this awhile ago. I was experimenting with free verse at the time.

The Observer

Jake Beasley

The river of time does not flow unheeded. One broken soul watches over it...

Delayed Death pt.1

Michelle Lackey

Wow, what do you know? No horses, dogs, cats, or animals whatsoever except for a stupid little songbird that's far too happy that early in the morning. Eh, that's normal... 'Twenty years ago, life was normal. The world spun and people died when they were supposed to. Now, after your last breath, you get stuck on a five year or so waiting list. Why the delay? No one really knows, but that doesn't concern me. My only problem is staying alive for I drew my last breath long ago and haven't aged a day since. Everyone I met in the past has mysteriously disappeared and there are no traces of my existence outside of the military. Suits me just fine. Gives me time to drink a beer or two in peace. Too bad the military itself wants to know why.' - Lynn Laurens

The Room

Bristien Havenaar

A poem of a Knight who chose a fate he regrets. (2004)

To Return

Peter Blair

My contribution to Herscher Project 19 (a very last minute affair for me, I joined tHP about a week before the project deadline). This one proved to be a challenge. The pictures I were given by our fearless leader, Jim Bowers, were much darker than I cared to write about. I gave my character an interesting sense of humour in order to lighten the mood. Special thanks to Malin M. Larsson of tHP for a wonderful title (my original really stank)!

Caveat Emptor

Amy Schley

This is the first in a series of scifi/fantasy law related stories I'm working on. This story is inspired by a real case in 1991 in which a buyer sued the seller for not disclosing that the house had a national reputation for being haunted. Up until this point, the state of New York had a strict caveat emptor rule for property, and Justice Rubin wrote, “Applying the strict rule of caveat emptor to a contract involving a house possessed by poltergeists conjures up visions of a psychic or medium routinely accompanying the structural engineer and Terminix man on an inspection of every home subject to a contract of sale.” Justice Rubin decided to vacate the caveat emptor rule, but the dissent disagreed strongly. This story is set in a world where the dissent won. Ah, the things lawyers think about at Halloween.

Blink Twice

E Purington

820 Words Story I wrote awhile ago, didn't know if I wanted to put it up, but since I've not put anything up in 'tis. The ending's ambiguous, but I assure you it can be entirely mystical. Can't recall the music I wrote this too... comments? Crits? September, 2008: O_O um...thank you...? not sure this story deserves it, though i' to being convinced...

The Stuff of Nightmares

Paul Mather

A teenage girl is stolen from her bed and is forced to create horrors to inflict on the world.

Early Poems II

Thomas Johnston

More poems from my late teens...

Metal Met Flesh....

Katie Hallahan

Hugh Garren woke up to his throat being slit and his life ending; this caused a number of problems. Only the first of which was the fact he was dead. This is a new work in progress (the title is also a working one), planned to eventually be a novella. Please leave constructive comments!

Star Dancer

Krista Loy

It is a poem about the possibilities of an afterlife... when death has claimed yet another...