Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part X

Glo Bug' Bowden

And it just keeps getting crazier and crazier, eh?

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VII

Glo Bug' Bowden

And so we come to the falling action from the climaxing of Part VI. Here we meet two of my favorite characters; Rook and Hoodwink. :) Hmm hmm hmm, delightful.

The Extremely too Long Story of Code Name Fun

Krista Williams

Just a warning, this story is plotless. It was my second attempt at writing. It basically is a bunch of random scenes and lines that I had swarming in my head fused together into a random code name story...thing. The characters and such come from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes. Check it out! Indeed, I do have her permission to post. This story was going to have the plot: the coolest team of secret agents ever (you better be thinking of BLT...or else!) get code names! Maybe you can still see that happening. And I just realized that it doesn't really end. Anyway, have fun! Oh! And believe it or not, I have permission to post from the infamous Hut, namely Glo 'the Bug' Bowden herself!

The OMEGA Project: Chapter One

Lacey Wright

A sci-fi story about a girl called Forsaken. She lives a life, shunned because of...Well, you'll figure it out.


Michael Roach' Janßen

The fourth story in the continuing saga around Millefleurs. A coach trip turns into a nightmare...

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part IV

Glo Bug' Bowden

Oh no! Will Ru, Dark, and Slip be able to save Hut? Alright, the lyrics in there are from the song 'Don't Give Up' by Josh Groban...or should we say, Agent Groban? --we haven't really decided whether it's the real Josh Groban or someone who looks enough like him and more importantly sounds enough like him that he earned the name at training camp. --seems weird that he'd go by his own last name, so I'm thinkin' it's more the latter.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VI B

Glo Bug' Bowden

I'M NOT SUICIDAL, I PROMISE! Wow...sorry; I had some pretty worried friends after this. :S Anyway, so the story continues. I really would have rather not split it, since I think the story builds better without a break there, but hey, gotta make it fit the size limit, so there we go. P.S. I'm sorry if I went a bit overboard with detail on the end. I started having a wee bit too much fun describing stuff. ^_^'

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VIII B

Glo Bug' Bowden

Masquerade! Paper faces on Parade! Maasqueraaaaade. (Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera) Yes, this is where it gets exciting. I wrote this part mostly inspired by music by Within Temptation. The them for part 8 is definately their song Angels.

Agent Pink part 1

Rosalind Souter

This is my original anime/manga. It's about a girl called Hana Pink.. didn't you read the prologue?

Xanthippe's Story


A short description of Xanthippe's character and motives - more background information. It's incomplete; some standards have not been converted, and the Fel is currently inaccurate; as well as the problem that her planet/race have no name yet. Still, I think the important parts are there.

Santa Claus, Medieval Secret Undercover Agent: Episode Two--- Electric Boogaloo!

Paul Doyle

More plot this time! (Thanks, Laurel Biles!) The laughs are still there, I fervently hope, as the silliness introduced in Episode One unfolds . . . More faithful to Thomas Abrahamsson's 'Old Man' pic than Episode One. Enjoy reading! The title has been inspired by that 1980's urban dance drama thingy, 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.' A great title, right up there with 'Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama' and 'Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared-Syn'!

Santa vs the FBI

Richard Starfield

Ho. The spirit of Christmas is willing, but the flesh is weak. Ho. Santa Claus is coming to town. Ho. You'd better watch out... Ho.

A Training Session

Michael Roach' Janßen

When a trainee from the Imperial Investigation Service gets a training assignment, usually it is a boring and non-consequential task. But if the teacher is Millefleurs, complications just wait to happen...

The Base Part 1 Chapter 1

Raychel Pekoe

Here is chapter one; a whole bunch longer than the prologue. excuse the raychelspeak in the title but hey, i'm me. um yeah this is the first chapter you meet the character yadda yadda yadda

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part I

Glo Bug' Bowden

Description Update 03/10/2008 -- Ok, I think I oughta say right here, this story started out as a joke, so the first, oh, two parts are kind of lame, but I promise it starts to really pick up as it goes. It wasn't meant to become this novel, but there you are....Also, I'm sorry that the main characters aren't exactly well introduced, as it was written for an audience who had already met them. DISCLAIMER: I am intending to publish. I'll be taking this down sometime in the near future! In the meantime, your comments are appreciated, but stealing my ideas is not. This is copyrighted, peops. All rights reserved and all that! Let's just see how part one goes down, shall we? This story was a Christmas gift for some friends, and it kind of developed into some huge thing. There are a number of inside jokes in it, but I figured people could appreciate the story anyway. The French terms are ballet moves. And I will define them. Arabesque - One of the basic poses in ballet, arabesque takes its name from a form of Moorish ornament. Chaine - (I have just discovered that I've been spelling this wrong. It's full of accents, and has one less N.) Chains, links: a series of rapid turns on the points or demi-pointes done in a straight line or in a circle. Pirouette - Whirl or spin. A complete turn of the body on one foot, on point or demi-pointe. Sous-sus - Below-above; a term used to describe a very tight 5th position on demi-pointe. I hope I don't offend any French speakers or ballerinas. I've never learned French, and quit ballet for Irish step when I was twelve. I'm going to take a ballet class again this summer though...I hope. *crosses fingers*

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XVI (Final Installment!)

Glo Bug' Bowden

I finally did it! And I finished at 12:15 am on December 26th! Only 15 minutes after my goal~ ...ok, technically I edited and added a new scene after I got up that morning... But anyway, the story's done, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Repeat quotes from Faustus in here. Public domain - they are italicized. O lente lente, currite noctis equi means 'Oh slowly, slowly run you horses of the night.' La fraternidad de caos means 'The Brotherhood of Chaos' in Spanish. ,Dasvedanya, chestniy vraag, means 'Goodbye honorable enemy' in Russian. And I think that covers most of the translations. Enjoy. Be gentle. I intend to edit this manuscript without mercy soon, but for now I'd like to feel good about it. I probably won't come back to working on it for a few months. My mind needs a break from Trench Coats before I attempt to rework it...and believe me, the revision project will probably take about as long as writing the darn thing. In the future you can look forward to an epilogue...I think...if it doesn't morph into a sequel. Heh. Anyway. Enjoy. And please ignore some of the Deus ex's stuff I intend to tie in better (like Dark Horse's hat) in the...prologue? prequel? Thing that will replace Parts I-III? Yeah...

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XV

Glo Bug' Bowden

And it came to pass that Gloria posted the next installment, yea verily, and there was much rejoicing. Please enjoy. The next installment will be the last for real this time. No I'm serious! Why doesn't anyone believe me? O_- Btw, Da means Yes, and Nyit means No in Russian. THe other translations are footnoted, but I'm too lazy to fix the formatting so it looks better. :P

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VI A

Glo Bug' Bowden

This is perhaps my favorite part of Trench Coats so far as I have writen. (Well, this and Part IIX, which I have just finished.) It's a bit longer than the rest, but I hope it has you all so captivated that you won't notice. *wink* In fact, it's so long that I had to split it into two parts to upload it! :-S The BLT reference is because these three friends and I formed a singing group called BLT. -- it's kind of what drew us together. I want to thank the mods for featuring this story. But before you read it you should probably go back and read the other parts. This part of all of them is full of spoilers and will destroy the suspense of the story if you start here! Oh, and if you decide to read, please comment. I like to know what you think, even if it's as short as 'I love it!' 'I hate it!' 'Give me cookies!'

The Snake II

Jen Robbins

As the previous episode of the snake only more is revealed.

The Snake

Jen Robbins

Well... I started it for Nanowrimo a couple years ago. Nanowrimo is a great thing, impossible for me to ever finish due to college/work/life/whathave you but if you haven't done Nano you should next year. I really had fun with it. Hope you enjoy.