Epochs (poem)

David Daumit

A short rhyme about ages yet to come.


Christine Jacqueline Schepens

This poem was going to be the beginning of some or other chapter... she is entombed, a spell cast on her so that she lies, seemingly dead, until someone 'awakens her'... :) anyway... the point of it was, that she goes to a library and find her self confronted with ages... finding all that is left of what she knew and loved, are pictures and theories locked away in some book... and no cares or remembers...

The Ashen Cross

Angela Sasser

Nynia, a young Celtic maiden, walks a world of madness, between the Christian and the Pagan. Between those worlds she finds..the Vampire. If the story sketch is popular enough, I'll turn write a novel version! So get your comments in now!

Wyvern Project 3: A Tale of Madness and Pride

Richard Lorenz

A Treatise on the Damnation of a Soul and its effects on Society at Large: Or, A Tale of Madness and Pride

SS book 4: The Hunted

Amy Hanna

The 4th installment in Sandra's Saga. Danielle is a real person, my best friend, but I'm using her as a character with her permission. So any resemblance to an real people, living or dead, is probably true. Just kidding....

The story of a girl Knight (1)

Alexis Millan

Not too original, but not without is's charm. A story about a girl who cross dresses so that she can be a knight. If you read it long enough there is a dragon in it. Promise.

Lost Tales of the Dark Ages 4

Sasan Shabrou

The story continues with Salatar, Gem, and Vector. This time the plot thickens. Gem must leave the Circle of Magic. The Circle of Magic is in danger.

Written in Starlight.

Meaghann Pilote' LeBleu

Second in the Darkened Realm Chronicles. Orionaa Amarth relives the last moments of her life before the Dark Ages.

Opaque Phonetic Prologue

Simi Peterson

Opaque Phonetic is an unfinished peice about a young human girl you is truly a hell demon trapped in the body of a mortal. Please note that it is not finished. And that the prologue is created purely to TELL you of the begining, not SHOW it to you. Thus there is no speaking other then narrative in the prologue. Please comment!

Far Away

Stephanie Barnett

This is just a short poem about a land far away in myths and legends. I wrote this ages ago. Can't remember when. Primary 6 I think it was.

The Innkeeper's Daughter

Pamela Lehmann

She is the daughter of an innkeeper. She was born in an inn, she lives in an inn, and she expects she will die in an inn. She doesn't mind. She likes her nice, comfortable life. Then her sister's life is threatened. With the help of the Lord of Thieves, will she be able to free her sister? (This is the second quote story. The quote was 'That night I went to a tavern. I suppose I shouldn't have been in that part of town.')

the rats are innocent

Mariya Mitkov

Everyone thinks that the rats started the black plague, the disease the swept accross Europe and killed about of third of it's population. Well, here's a different theory.

Lost Tales of the Dark Ages 2

Sasan Shabrou

This story here is for you meggs. You asked for more and here it is. It ain't much but its sum. And Salatar is wearing pants, so you better be happy. The story leaves off just where I left off and it deals a troll battle and new member to the group. It still has our favorite people, Salatar and Gem.

The Cavern of the Ages

Z.A. Roberts

The Symbol

Pontus Andersson

The story is the first in a series about a character from my game, 'Grey Ages'. His name is O'Showa and he is a species of lizardmen, also called drachai. He is a member of a band of adventurers who make their living by performing feats of subterfuge for money. One night he discovers something while sneaking around in a strange house. The story begins with O'Showa sneaking in the darkness of the strange mansion... edit: This one is ancient history and doesn't represent Grey Ages well at all. A lot has changed.

Prophesies Which Form The Sun

Simi Peterson

Okay so this is my pathetic attempt at poetry. yeah yeah I know it sucks... and god it rhymes please don't kill me. Anyway once agian like all my stuff it is not finished.. I've been in a bit of a rut with this one for six long months. Once again comment ... please im begging you to!