The Elements: The Power of Four: Prologue

Connie Chen

The Prologue of a story about 4 teenagers who must unite as the Elements to defeat a dark and ancient evil!

Once more for Paradise

Mai Zhang

One Library scholar finds out the danger of missing the forest for the trees.


Janet Jongebloed

Author's Notes: Oh geez, here I am again, writing a sequel to 'Wonderful Girl' when I always said I wouldn't. This version of 'Returning' is going to be a little rushed because it has to be 5 double spaced pages at the maximum because I'm writing it for Creative Writing class. I might do another novelette (I love that word) as a long version of 'Returning'.

The wind (a poem)

Kaisa I. Stilger

an other cinquain poem I did for class. writen, 3-30-00

4 Elements

Ana Marques

This is a poem about the four elements... I think that it's the worse thing that I wrote... But I still want to hear your opinion! :)


Daniel Madche

Just an idea that popped into my head one night. An outcast battles for his long sought after acceptance to a powerful group. 7-10-05

Magic in The World of Eld

Mikael Svensson

This is an explanation on magic in the world of eld, and is the background of the use of magic in my upcoming book The Lord of The Wild

The Awakening: First Chapter: Dragyns

Joanne Barnden

the first bit, hopefully introducing all the dragyn High Council without any problems - can you guess which one is the mentor?

Mercenary's Link

Nicole Russo

It is a unique Link that Raynen and Brandt share, as they will share for many lives. This came to me one night all at once. This is still free standing, all I know is it happens long before Raynen meets Cross.

The Satyr Queen: II

Mike Prescott

The first thread in the tapestry of consequence...

The Satyr Queen: VII

Mike Prescott

I love Hish. I think its his name. And how he tries to be a good friend even when he's a little gruff. Good man. Hope he's not dead! Rifka too...

Wings: Chapter 10

Jennifer OConnor

Gwen goes home again home again, Jiggity-jig.  Reunion is awkward.  More bitter than sweet.Written five years ago.Term Faerlyn used to make elves sound fancier :P

Chapter six: The Landing

Anna Young

 This is the sixth chapter of my story. Like always I would love to hear all of your comments and criticism as well as any title ideas you may have. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with how this chapter turned out but I want to hear what everybody else thinks. If you see any mistakes in spelling, grammar or even just the story in general, please let me know. Thanks for reading, enjoy!


Anji Chojou

This is about a person drowning

Who Am I?

Daniel Lix

Tach is a youth with a tortured past. He was orphaned as a child and taken in by a human family, and raised a such. The only thing different about him is the crystal embedded in his forehead -- though his parents sought to cover that up by disguising it as a headband. Nevertheless, he's always been different, his body host to four other beings beside himself, each one representing a specific element.

Death Of A Fairy

Claire Roberts

Pretty self-explanatory, the idea of a fairy dying as she chokes on air

The four part two

Elaine Bannon

This is where Ason and Maya's stories converge which will be a big help to everyone who has A.D.D with this story jumping around so much. A new charactor is brought in and more of the plot is exposed. Enjoy oh and tell me if you see any mistakes, comments are always welcome.

Flying Dragon Airlines

Lara Mattison

Air travel, fantasy-style. The story is loosely based on real life events. I really don't like flying. There is a picture of the narrator, Karia, here.

The Four Elemental Dragons

Sierra Sharee

This story came out of no where! But I like it...its sorta like how everyone is different but they have their own qualities..

Elemtents: To Mine Angel

Ashli Black

Another part of my elements series. This is from water to air, air being an angel in this instance.