Amps Echo in Your Ears

Mike Tierney

Another Shakespearean parody, this time of Sonnet 30, it is, in a nut shell, about a road trip with drunk musicians.

The Poet’s Tale

Anthony HartJones

Lying in the gutter, a poet thinks about the mistakes that led him there...

Genetics of Tongue Rolling

Kristin Molle

A pseudo-scientific-study about the evolution of tongue rolling in Homo sapiens populations. It sprang from a homework assignment about useless traits. It's a bit sci-fi in it's subject and mention of genetics, but I consider it mostly humor. Well, humor for a poor lil' bio major, at least... Chapter 3

Dewald Malan

The story goes on...

Haunted Rain

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

(One shot. 'Nother ditty for an english assignment.) Does one dare to enter The Rain?

Eleventh Bottle (Poem/Song?)

David S. Percival

The name for this song was generate randomly, using a band name generator I found on some guitar site. I liked the name, and so started writing a song to it. 'Digital Orgasm', another random one, also intrigued me.... expect a song to come out. This song is actually more of a poem, I think. There's a rhythmic feel to this, I suppose... but I think it fares better as a poem. It serves as a good prequel to 'Siren's Song', I think. Lemme know what you think.

On Dragons' Wings Ch 14

Vicki Leady

Fourteenth chapter of 'On Dragons' Wings.' A bit of emotion in the beginning but some fun at the end to balance it all out. ^_^ Chapter 1

Dewald Malan

This is the story of Stanly Theodore Martell an alcoholic who turns his life around.

The Drunken Wanderer (poem)

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this poem with one of my good friends, who happened to sign my guestbook as Laurie-girl. It's really a very odd poem, but quite interesting, if I do say so myself. And I know it is somewhat random, and there are some rhymthm problems, but hey... (A 2004 piece)

The Thief

Joseph Paquette

A short story about four gamblers, a thief and a duel. I finally decided to seriously write when my English teacher gave me 100% on this story.

second chance over and over

Craig Charles

a short one i wrote (writing...) when struck with a strange thought :)

You Won't Be Mine

Anna Thomas

Introducing Nolryn, crown prince of Raykin. He's a nice boi, he is X3 Title is from the song of the same name by Matchbox 20, which is just so perfect for showing Nol's feelings about having been rejected by Nimay. Every single word of that song fits it, 'cept maybe 'curb'. Raykin doesn't have curbs. But that's beside the point. If you haven't yet figured it out, this story takes place the night following the day Nol got ditched. Poor boi *snugs him*

The Birth of a Dream

Phil Hickey

This is NOT a dream. Dreams may take place within this story, but it is so factual, non-dreamlike, non-hallucinationlike etc, that it hurts.

The Six of Cups

Seth Borer

A representation of the dangers of overconfidence and other likely suspects.

The Shadow Stalker 02 - The Dream

Samantha Patzel

A small glimpse into Shadow's childhood

The Shadow Stalker - The Dream

Samantha Patzel

A small glimpse into Shadow's childhood