Control is Lost

Emily Faerber

A story I wrote for Creative Writing (love that class). This is undoubtedly the only type of homework I enjoy doing. Mod's Choice 9/21/03 ^_^


Norielle Cunanan

Once upon a time, an assasin decided to quit his job at 20! But before doing so, he had to finish one job. It didn't have anything to do with killing anyone, but it had something to do with trying to teach a sadistic psycho that killing is bad. How will things turn out for him? We (and I) really don't know! I also have no idea if I should continue it! It just bugged me in the middle of the nights to the point I threw it on paper! I found the alphabet funny... ^_^;

Chapter 3 (The Wall of Prophecies)

Christopher Sillett

The Group travel to Orien where Kristena meets the priest and is taken to the wall of prophecies.  Meanwhile, the rest of them discover how far away from home they truly are.As with the other chapters, this is the uneditted version.

Deviled Eggs: Chapter 2

S. Worley

Max (Satan) meets Nada, the woman that his twin brother Alex (God) brought for him. He is amazed by her and gets strong feelings for her immediately. Naturally Max makes a fool of himself infront of her.

Heart of all magic(Chapter 1)

Emma Wright

This first chapter is just an introduce the main character but later with the discovery of 'the book' she will be taken on a journey ascross her world to gather the segments of 'the heart of all magic' an artifact of which she knows little, but sh eis not the only one searchign for it...

Chapter 3

Emma Wright

if you've read the last two chapters you know the characters now here's the story so you know whats likely to happen...

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The Spirit within Sean Camaradi

The Island Part Three

Athene Grele

At last, the climactic end! Well, actually, it's the anticlimax.... but whatever. Enjoy!

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 3

Matthew Harvey

Breaker Academy... the school ontop the mountain cliff, overlooking the sea.


Fred Hu

This was a project I had to do for a class.This story might not make a lot of sense at the beginning, and it might make less sense at the end.Just imagine a world like our own, except with a few distinct changes. I'll leave you to figure out what's different. If I continue the series, this might make more sense.

Chapter 4 (The Invasion)

Christopher Sillett

Their location is discovered and the Tasions attack.  Alex makes a desperate escape from a dragon hell bent on making him lunch. 

Prophecy of Hope (Chapter 2 The Soul Collector) Book 1

Christopher Sillett

Kristena, Rhona, Alex and Kuvawa find themselves flung across the universe, stuck there with no way home.  But to make matters worse, an alien race known as the Tasions, a very powerful humanoid species with far superior strength, speed, agility, and explosive energy abilities want them all dead.  Note to readers.  As with the Prologue and Chapter 1, this is the uneditted version of the chapter 2.  Depending on the comments I get I may post further chapters.  

Deviled Eggs: Chapter 1

S. Worley

Max feels out of place and alone in Hell. His twin brother Alex, who is God, sends him a girl to keep him company.

Angels Watching Me

Angela Rawlinson

Alex, an angel was sent to Earth to help Ella, a shy young lady, find out some things about herself.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

Sean Camaradi, Lucia Faramein and Alex Guardings... the destined three.

House of death

Charlotte Harborne

A family with three friends buy a house but only catch is haunted and the three people who figure out the basement layout are idiots/nutters. will they find each other and avoid death? will they live to tell the tale

Deviled Eggs: A Prologue

S. Worley

Good and Evil are born, but their parents seem confused about what they should do with little Max. They grow older and are assigned to rule Heaven and Hell, taking their roles as God and Satan.

Chapter 2

Emma Wright

Now we are introduced to the secodn character and the story within the story can begin if that makes any sense...

Memory I

Emily a.k.a. Lulu-chan

When war happens in the year 3000 or so, there is one dominant side, and only teenagers have the bravery to stand up against them.

The Virus Ryo

Cly Novak

This is the story of the first Virus Ryo couple. They later create the first purebred Virus Ryo child (don't know if it's male or female yet). Anyway, I'll write it again when I feel like writing. There are some things one just can't do until one feels like it.