Wings 7 (Forgiven)

Brandon Lee

When all is not lost... You will know how to stand again

Deathblade Chapter 1: Murderous Urges

Josh Rea

the first chapter of deathblade

Dream Escape

Sarah Wilson

This is the first chapter, theres no name to each chapter ...sorry -Mouse


Sarah Taylor

An impersonation of Autumn


Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

For long periods of time, this is my favorite song. When it's my favorite song, I often write another verse. The first and the three last stanzas always remain in those positions, so if you don't want to read the whole thing (I think it's 180 lines now), read those four and comment. I regard this as a parody of how Hallowe'en is sometimes perceived.

The Children of No Innocence (Poem)

Jinni Blanchard

the two vampire twin sisters in one of my stories

What Will Be

Kim Schoonover

This is an idea. Upon consideration of how an immortal might tell his/her story, this was what came to mind. But it's just an idea...

The Night 9 (Broken Wings)

Brandon Lee

Evil lives in men even though we cannot see it all the time

The Flower 9 (Recall)

Brandon Lee

Must all good things coem to an end sometime?

The Night 7 (United Hearts but Broken Some)

Brandon Lee

Can all men ever learn to forgive?

The Sun that is the Source of all our Power

Chiya Pike

The thought for this story came from a Monty Python song as I was reading the Hitch Hiker's guide to the Galaxy. The title is a quote from the Monty Python galaxy song, from the line that goes: 'It's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned, the sun that is the source of all our power.' So I thought of generalizations, ate a cookie, and decided that I agreed with the quote 'All generalizations are false, including this one.' and thought the other stars must provide the earth with a teeny teeny bit of energy, but nobody would think to use it unless there was no other alternative ...

Inara's Dream

Patricia Ulrich

This is set further into Immortal Destiny, about 200 years later. Inara is Nikolus' new love. She has prophetic dreams, and writes them down in a dream diary. This is one of her more vivid dreams. Will it come true?

Every Thing, Yet of Nothing at All

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

oh my! I can't believe this! I wrote another storem/!?!?!?! I thought after Of Unseen Things, I would be done...I dunno waht happened. It was a wednsday and I was feeling reall really pooy and lazy. To a point where I didn't even brush my hair all day and didn't want to do anything. And then as I was sittin at the comp I just started writing...and this is what came out, but I must say; it did the trick. I was totally peppy and hyper after I got done. Its like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but you don't, but when you do. It's such a relief! I tried to make it a little different from my other poerys/storems. But tis not that much different. But one major difference, is that I took out the couple word phrases from between each paragraph and also....well you'll find out ^_^

Chapter 2... An Unbelievable Surprise

Stef Longwith

This chapter shows how Sage finds out something that will change her whole life!

The Song of Death

C. Chard

Sung by a pale young maiden clothed in ebony with a strange and haunting beauty about her. The image is so fresh in my mind, if only I could draw I would make a picture of her. Anyways, she uses her song to beckon the lonely souls who have left their earthly body to their final destination, where ever that may be. It ends rather abruptly, mostly because I was getting bored with it and wanted to finish it off. This was once part of an aspiration to make songs for all of the elements including Life and Death as part of a much much larger undertaking, however some major setbacks and loss of interest resulted in only this one being finished. Tell me if you like and I might consider reviving the project.

The Night 10 (Self-Condemnation)

Brandon Lee

But in all of chaos there is order and in evil we will also find good

All the same

Kostas Mavros

This is a short story about a man and an orc who found out that were not as different as they were told they were. It's my first story,so please,show some understanding...

Out Here in Nothingness

Katelyn Crabb

Its basically about a person who finds her 'gift' is not really a gift.

Lady of Light

Ricky Barnett Jr.

This is a break from prose and a try at poetry. I think I did alright for my first try. A tribute to the Lady of Light.

The Quest: Chapter 1-2 Melahona/Eril

Megan Green