Mental Gymnastics Chapter 2

Samantha Garioch

The second chapter in my novel. This is as far as ive got so far

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 6

rory braconnier

chapter 6 of the legend of shadow step

Snow Lovers

Maria Elmindreda L

Love, ghosts, and a lot of beautiful snow.

Creature of Death

Heather Drake

I wrote this after reading a slew of vampire novels (or perhaps a kiss of vampire novels). I always find myself wondering if this strange creatures have a conscience or if that part of them dies with their humanity. Then I find myself wondering what Asher (from LK Hamilton's Anita Blake series) looks like in the buff. I think I take myself too seriously.

Missi's Story

Mellissa Sweeney

This is what happens when fantasy meets reality..sort of... when Missi meets a new friend, or foe?


Vanessa Nunes

This is the second drafted version of this story, i hope it is better. Basically its a modern fantasy, an intrusion of ones territory

Acronim of a Vampire

Megen Moore

This is a poem I came up with in about ten minutes for an English Lit class, and I thought would work really well here.

Dark Nights, chapter 2

J. Hillman

chapter two here we go

The Archdragon (opening 1)

Natalia Evertsz

As part of some exercises I set for myself I rewrote the opening for one story focusing on a specific element. This is one of the variants. It is supposed to focus on 'an object important to the plot'. Hope you like!

Fantasy Novel Chapter 4

Volker Herfeld

After a fight in a dark alley, a new character is introduced. Oh, and I still don't have a real titel for my story, so I would appreciate any comments.

Vagrant’s Alley

Z.A. Roberts

Fallen Angel

Nici Jackson

A fallen angel surveys her predicament in a darkened alleyway, probably in New York or something. I'm boring, but hey. I really liked this story... so, I hope you do too.

Into the Darkness - Prologue

Matthew W Stewart

A prologue to my novel in progress, I believe it will add a bit more intrigue and will reveal some of the supernatural aspects that will run thicker throughout the tale in the future.


Kennedy Allen

Um. It's the vampiric equivalent of 'he eats a hamburger.'

Creations of the Masquerade

Amanda Hoffman

The Embrace of a human and a vampire. A deliciously romantic thing... even if she did attack him.

The Legend Of Shadow Step-chapter 4

rory braconnier

chapter 4 of The Legend Of Shadow Step

Vladraaka -Prologue (First half)

Natalia Evertsz

I recently went on a rampage editing and re-writing a whole lot of stuff I'd done when I was 15. I haven't finished mucking around with the latter half of this chapter but I thought I'd upload it anyway. The alternate opening for the same story is under 'Archdragon (Opening 1)' I much prefer the other one myself. This is just an edited version of the old opening as opposed to a completely new opening. Anyway, let me know what you think :-)

Into the Darkness - Chapter 8

Matthew W Stewart

This chapter reveals a little more of just what has happened to Rollins. As well as revealing a darkness within. **A warning, it does contain violence that may be offensive to some readers, but hopefully not.** Author's note: A minor issue, but the name of Ta'Lock will hence-forth be replaced with Na'Lok. There's a bit of a story behind the change, but simply put it will be changed, sorry for any confusion. I'd like to refresh the previous chapter, but I'm not sure if I'd lose my mod's choice star there. So better safe then sorry I guess! Anyhow, enjoy!

Death Wish - Excerpt

Josh Boo' Walls

This is my favorite story. I believe it to be self-explainatory. This one man, named Sean, must figure out who he is, and understand who truely has a death wish and how to control it... PLEASE COMMENT!

Unlocked - I

Emily Kirsch

A key that brings you your greatest desires... a realm unable to imagine. A story that I actually scribbled ideas down before writing. It stars one of my favourite chars... Ivory. Sarcastic and clumsy when doing mundane things... not the perfect heroine. She'd rather run then fight. This one, I have a semi-ending to. I think.