02 - The Alliance

David Beaumont

This is another part of the large story I planned on writing.

A paladin's way - the Alliance

José Cereceda

Wow, the story is getting bigger than I thought. New friend of Kal, war is just beginning and nobody knows what will happen...

A paladin's way - Kaliel's Charge

José Cereceda

End of the first part. Could Kaliel, his friends and the Alliance defeat the mighty Orchish Army?

Troops of Heaven Part III

Jarek Buss

This is the conclusion of the story. The humans have allied with Sera in order to prevent a genocide. The cost is not light...

The Last Alliance - 1: The Man with the Maul

Jonathan Bahamundi

 This is a fantasy story in progress i started writing recently! Hit me up with any questions or feedback If you like it i'll put up the next chapters hehe

The Alliance

Ditte Reich

Why haven't humans seen elves, dwarves and such in the last many years? Here is the reason.


Kyle Arthur

Spec: 1 :Shadow Here we have it the first revision of Spec. I was thinking of rewriting this first chapter and I got some input on how to improve it. So here it is Spec 1:revised Enjoy and let me know what you think of the change. I'm especially looking for spelling and grammar mistakes. An elite team armoured marines sent in to do the dirty work. This issue introduces the leader of the team, James 'Specification Shadow' Oswald.

The alliance

michael frodesen

a story of vengeance, of friend ship, and of a sword. this is only a first draft but i think it is coming along.

A paladin's way - revelations

José Cereceda

Second chapter, Kaliel meet his friend Arahad, and they discovered a dark secret. I had wrote the chapters as the log of Kal. Paladine and Thakisis© TSR, Inc. All this stuff happened in Krynn, about six thousand years AFTER the War of the Lance. So, enjoy! ^_^


Sarah Mahayni

A young woman learns that not all aliens are the same...

The Children of Nexus - Prologue: Part 2

Nicholas Turner

- The Offer -A meeting that will forever change the course of history...

Rider of Dragons

Fi MacNaughton

The origin of a particular group of dragon riders... Does it sound feasible?

A Poem from The First Alliance

S. 'Kinko' Hulsey

The beginning poem, giving a slight bit on the plot of the story. Not much. But so you get the idea....I doubt that the very beginning of my story will be posted here, but I wish to do some poems instead for the moment....^_^

Andron - Part A

Christopher Harris

My first story on Elfwood! It's my first Sci-Fi story I've ever written. AND It's the first story I've ever completed the first chapter on! It hasn't been edited, though.

Heir - Chapter Eight: Words

Teagen May

One of my favourite chapters. It's also the last complete chapter I have so far! Sorry guys! Chapter Nine is almost finished, just a few more sections to write. And just to ease your minds, for each of the remaining chapters (There are 16 in total for this story, meaning there are 8 left to go) I have written at least one scene, to remind myself what is happening. So never fear, this story IS still going! Hope you enjoy this one! And remember to comment!

Searing Star: Chapter 1: "Catalyst"

Robert Luh

Special Investigator Coby Griffin learns about a conspiracy that might ultimately lead to war.

Memoir of a Soldier Lost

Arvin Andrews

This was a narrative essay I did for a class and thought that others would enjoy. A quick history though, The Global Alliance was formed shortly after the fall of the United Nations. The GA was a dictatoship with a large army made of recruited soldiers from "supporting countries." America and Russia formed an Alliance in order to combat the GA. Close to the end of the war though the GA launched a massive attack on a heavly guarded Russian fort called "The Iron Wall" similar to that of D-Day. Enjoy and tell me what you think.! 

Let Me Live Part One

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

The times are peaceful, happy, and safe. For some.

Av'erro Star Prologue - The Legend of the Serpent

Dee Patterson

Okay, here we go. The Legend of the Serpent is basically what the whole story of Av'erro Star revolves around, so take notes. ((All events and characters Copyright Deborah Patterson and Peter Marflit.))

A Brief History of Gaea


Another background story, this one details what happens to Earth between now and when the story is set (2674). This one is incomplete also; some alien races need their own names, and some of the dates are wrong. Still, it gives the essence of the story. Of course, I have to compulsively write a back-story for everything. You know when some stories just say, 'This is what happened' and they don't tell you why? I don't like that. So that's why I have all this background, in case anybody wondered.