Explosive little bugger

Vincent Pieterse

About an archmage caught in a bit of trouble, written with use of an... unusual timeline.

The Battle

Jesse Harber

This is my first EVER foray into Scifi writing. Hope it's enjoyed. It will be expanded apon, I swear. I'm thinking of making it into a full, 10-page-or-so story.

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (4)

Cly Novak

This is chapter 4. Cyobin meets the love of her life.

The Resurrected Prologue and Beginning of Chapter 1

Alan Holt

A story of betrayal and war and revenge (*smile* I sent this into a publisher!)

The Water In the Well Chapter 5: The Weldelin

Tom Shine

Ok, first of all, translations... Silidar Makesed: Thank you(Elven) Rilquex Maranool, Bisetch: Face your death, bitch(Weldelin) Wilenika: (Elven) seeker who commands during battle, like a general I hope that you can now understand these words in my story. Next, I just want to say that I realise this chapter is pretty graphic. I think it fits the context, though. However, if you think any part is too gruesome or unnescessary, write a comment, and I will try to change it. With that out of the way, enjoy!



This is a poem I wrote when I was feeling particularly macabre... if you think of a symbolic there for it (death, life, love, that kind of thing..) let me know... :)

Night of Nets

Justen Waterhouse

A boy, who's lived all his life with minimal human contact, meets a girl. She's rather strange and has an even stranger secret. She has a command.

VR: Chapter 2 Meddling Humans

Gregory Wollf

Taking place in the future, science has lead to the creation of safe Virtual Reality. In its first large scale test run many people enter this virtual world and live in the Matrix like fantasy world for as long as they are able. They can enter as humans, orcs, trolls, faeries, dragons, and a large host of other beings. In this chapter you are introduced to two more important characters. Ben and Rueben, eager young trainees, find themselves in trouble when they cross the Gorgon by accident. More background information is also given.

VR: Prologue

Gregory Wollf

This story takes place in the future where virtual reality will become available. Ever wanted to actually live in a fantasy world? That is what my VR series is about. Using the virtual reality technology various characters enter a computer generated world. This particular section enters into a bit of action before the actual story. During an inky black night a necromancer, the commander of the guard, and a creature of the night all cross pathes.

Wings: Chapter 12

Jennifer OConnor

The Queen gets shot at, Gwen saves the day (or at least the Queen's life) despite a hangover.Eldin doesn't thank her.  Ingrate.Wow.  I totally forgot I even wrote this scene.  Junior High seems forever ago.

Wings: Chapter 14

Jennifer OConnor

The nuclear weapon of the Elven world.  Well, kinda.  Okay, so maybe not at all.Still, it's about time the Queen actually did something. 

Silver Phoenix, chaptre two

Audrey M.

The boy learns how to fight with Phoenix and earns himself an enemy.Next Chaptre --> www.elfwood.com/~yokogreyword/Silver_Phoenix_Chaptre_three.3437209.html

Monsters R People 2

Cheryl Scott

One weekend in my second year of college (1991), I had an unexpected whirlwind of creativity that blew 4 or 5 short stories out of my head fully formed.  This is one of them.  Yes, it's goofy and silly.  No, I'm not really sure what it means, if anything.  I think it's just fun.  

Writing Excersize - Dathril

Jennifer Doneske

A writing excersize I created a while back, complete with instructions if you'd like to try it yourself, as well as the writing I produced using the excersize. :-)

Magami & The Bounty Hunter

Angelina Virgilio

Magami, a young, slightly shorter than average fighter, finds herself staying at an Inn after making a save. But there is more to the innkeeper and his daughter than meets the eye.

Children of Ílma #13

Paulien van der Krift

It's an Ambush! The Collins are taking over the Argo-Eye!

The Lost Temple

Tom Davis

I got some of the names and the inspirations from Starcraft - a game I played years ago and recently just started playing again. This is also my coursework for my GCSE English P+I story coursework, so I am hoping for a reasonable grade for my efforts. Enjoy reading.


Manuel Alejandro

A dead soldier's tale about his last battle...

The Perfect Ambush

Aaron Robinson

Max and his band of dog-like canismen have encountered what appears to be the perfect ambush... This story was inspired by that fact that I think elves are sometimes a little overrated


Brandy May

This story follows 'Cadets.' It takes place many years later, but but of the two it was actually written first. A diplomatic mission finds itself in a situation less than peaceful on its way to negotiate a treaty.