The Amulet Part III

Natalya Price

The concluding part of Ashfell and Finn's quest, will they be able to do as Omar wishes or are his plans more sinister?

The Amulet Part II

Natalya Price

The continuing story of Finn and Ashfell's quest to return the amulet to Omar.

Magi Quest

Amelia Smith

The story of Ishta who is searching for her past and the Amulet with unknown powers.


Jen Caterer

Celede is called home in the most disturbing of ways, and has to leave the life she has led for so many years to fight in a way she used to, for the world she now loves, for the values she has eternally held dear.

Black Sparrows

Megan Farmer

Frandowyn had no idea, that when he looked into the eyes of Edwyn Moonstar, that she would get him into trouble. He didn't even think of the possibility of danger. All he saw within her eyes, was beauty beyond compare. Now he is in for the ride of his life.

Cloud's Tear

Kelly Paten

Ummm...what to say??? It isn't exactly a really new concept but I wanted to try something new for me. I dont even know if I could continue this into a bigger story...comments anyone???

The Amulet Part I

Natalya Price

Basically its a guy meets girl story or to be more correct a human meets scythian elf story. Together they must return an ancient amulet back to its all-powerful owner - Omar.

Hidden Treasure

Luca McWild' Beltrami

I wrote this for my IGCSE english finals. Afterwards I liked it so I edited it a bit and posted it here. Sorry if the names aren't that original but I'm very bad at naming. I'd like to change them, post any suggestion in the comments.

Aithne's Fantasy

Rebecca Weber

A young girl, living in the human world discovers a beautiful amulet one day in the library, but what secrets this amulet holds, and who is out to get it, is shown quickly, and Aithne, along with her new found friend Sanji(who holds a few secrets of his own), must find a way to keep the amulet safe from the hands of the king.

Chapter 1 - The Amulet

Christina Redman

Io finds her sister's amulet in the water and thinks there might be something wrong.

Chapter 2 - Willow

Christina Redman

Io brings the amulet to Willow for inspection and advice.

The Island Part Three

Athene Grele

At last, the climactic end! Well, actually, it's the anticlimax.... but whatever. Enjoy!

Sapphire Eyes Part One: The Prophecy

Athene Grele

I have changed the title, and I like it now. This is my newest story, and I love it. It's extremely long and complicated, with lots of details. I spend a lot of time working on these people's culture, but unfortunately none of that shows in this part of the story. Because some of the names are wierd, I just wanted to make it clear: Lise is pronounced lease, NOT lisa. Beryl is like bear with an L on the end. All the others should be obvious.

Young Thief. Part 2 - Starting the quest for restoration.

Frank Berendsen

After releasing the power of the death wizard Blackshard and accidentaly transferring it to Blackshard's evil daughter, Damien has to find a way to stop her from destroying the country.

The Amulet: Chapter 1 the Man With Silver Eyes

Alyssa'Zel Osborne

The first chapter in my story about a girl who finds her destiny is intertwined with the strange amulet she finds herself protecting.

The Dawn of Evil

Scott Karr

This is a story I started shortly after I graduated from High School. This is all that I ever wrote on the story. It was meant to be a fantasy story that took place in modern times - with magic contorting everything, but as you can see, I only got as far as introducing the villian in the Prologue. I started Chapter 1, but I didn't get very far. I posted it here to get some feedback on the villian, who I may use in another story and whether or not anyone feels I should try to salvage this story by working on it.

The Adventures of Mystic and Fury

Brooks Owen

I got bored about a year ago and started this short story. I have a plot lined out, although you can't tell it this far into the story, but I'm really unsure if I want to continue this story. Leave me some critiques please?? Meanwhile, I'm off to figure out where I can find time to start on finishing this thing.. *sighs* Leave your thoughts!!!!

Aithne's Fantasy (Ch.3&4)

Rebecca Weber

Aithne, now starting to realize that the amulet she found in the library is not just another necklace, finds herself not only in danger, but having to wonder. Can she hold the responsibility of the amulet?

Descent. Prologue - 'A Speedy Getaway'

Isabelle L Davis

Stealing sacred talismens from a goblin stronghold has its perils.

The Island Part Two

Athene Grele

The second part of three parts...