Structures of Mind and Body Chapter VII

Edmund Schulfer

Magus talks about himself, at least what he percieves to be himself.

A Vampire's Life Chapter 1: Into the Blood

Ariana B.

You think that all Vampires of bloodthirsty lunatics with no heart, feelings, or soul? Well, then you obviously haven't read this story, about an vampire named Gia: Ancient, yet forever young.

Door of the Ancients - Chapter Three

Andrew Rice

Chapter Three of the novel. It's short. It's meant to set up the next chapter for a load of information and a sweet battle scene ;)

Chasing a Legand

Jacquelyn Dunlap

A pair of friends go on a quest in the Caribbean for an old pirate treasure. The treasure, however, has a terrible curse upon it.

What Once Was Lost

Jason Romein

This one's a cool briefly explains why Toranet is so deserted =] It also is a cool story, of course =]

Legend: Prologue


A young Celtic woman is kidnapped by fairies... or is she?

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 5

Raven O'Shea

Echo and Tear discuss Rain and their pasts. Questions without answers abound as they wonder on what side the Lord of Death stands.

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 4

Raven O'Shea

After parting with Tear and Echo, Rain decided a walk in the cemetary to clear her mind is just what she needs. She also hopes to run into her mysterous boy again. However, their meeting prompts more questions than answers and draws Rain deeper into a world she can't comprehend.

In dreams of the Twilight City

Marie Raven

Unfinished, first off... Something I started only a few days ago, and am a little bit stuck on... I know -basically- where I am trying to go, but... right now am pulling a blank as to how to get there. Little bit surreal, really trying to experiment with language in this one... comments more than welcome.

Four Realms, Chp III

Emil Johansson

This is the third chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.



A tribute to Nikolai Gumilev, one of the greatest poets in the whole history of Russian literature and a skilled interpreter.

Symaira: Chapter Three

Sarah Kerr

Dyian comes up with a new plan for Luca, and makes a new enemy in Diego

The Ancient Ones (poem)

Frances Gibbs

A poem i did while pondering the mysteries of Dragons...

Ancient Destiny

Diana Cooijman

Ancient enemies, an ancient fate and a quest to find redemption. Can a knight ever be forgiven for doing what he once considered his sacred calling?


Matthew Darrow

An adventure story set in Ancient Egypt.

7-An Old Friend

david Paoletti

The Story goes on with an insight on Arctorios and his mysterious and ancient race

Chapter 2: A Long Story

Kevin Smith

This is the second chapter of the ongoing story 'The Son of Fire'.

The Ancient One

Ashley Beerbroer

The anguish of a vampire queen. Kinda like a monolague.

Endless Circles, Endless Patterns Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

The second piece of the story. This is going in a few to many directions at once for my tastes, but hopefully it will all come together with time, editing, and more writing. Once again, comments appreciated.

Savin: Last Child of Ancients_04

Lenore Towne

A girl tormented by strange dreams of fantastic lands finds herself drawn into an epic struggle beyond her imagination.