Serenity: Angelic Whispers 2 (unfinished)

Caroline Bennett

A continuation to the saga. Enjoy :-)

Guardian Angels

Jean Boree

This was written for a friend who lost something very dear to her, and it's for everyone of us who've lost someone very dear to us. They're not gone forever, they linger at our sides. Unseen to guide us through the gates of forever.

Demon War - Chapter Six

Judith Mayr

Well, they arrived in Northa. Time to meet the High Council.....

Heaven's Ball

Charles Trowbridge

This is a surreal peice I wrote about 6 months ago(as of oct'02). I took it too some workshops and never worked it out quite far enough, but I think it's a wonderful example of a simple linier-abstract plot.

Dream of the Garden

Angela Sasser

An angel begins a journey that will forever change my life. Inspired by a dream once upon a night.

Good Always Wins

Renae DuHaime

A short limerick about a demon who tries to assasinate his angelic sons.

The Mermaid of Mishap

Ashley Royer

The life of the Mermaid of Mishap.


Oana Taylor

A picture of a winged angel inspired me to this, i hope it means as much to you as it does to me.


Oana Taylor

From pure white to pure black...but black is never pure.

Nothing Else Matters

Nicolei Arnold

The house was warm, aside from the cold outside. It was a fairly big place, but the world seemed so small to Dante. He sat quietly, lost in his deep hurtful thoughts. The memories good and bad, the love he'd missed so much. For him time had stopped completely, and he felt most utterly alone...

Dark Twist Beginnings Part One

Krista Moss

Basically this is a modern/fantasy/horror story that deals with an alternate of our world, basing me as the main character. It started as a game, and a friend asked me to go back and write out the beginning, so I am. At least, I'm trying to stay on target. I have a lot of other ideas too. =/

Opaque Phonetic Prologue

Simi Peterson

Opaque Phonetic is an unfinished peice about a young human girl you is truly a hell demon trapped in the body of a mortal. Please note that it is not finished. And that the prologue is created purely to TELL you of the begining, not SHOW it to you. Thus there is no speaking other then narrative in the prologue. Please comment!

Angelic Whispers

Caroline Bennett

A girl falls in love with her guardian angel.

Wings of Hope

Andrew Doyle

a poem I wrote the night of 9/11

Opaque Phonetic Chapter One

Simi Peterson

Okay this is the first chapter of Opaque phonetic. Now that we are past the Prologue there will be actual speech and first person view points. In other words less TELLING and more SHOWING. Please excuse the spelling, I never said I was good at it. Ummm keep in mind this story is far from finished. Comment and leave suggestions.. please!

Uriel's Fall

Judith Mayr

Okay, this is rp-inspired. I have a rp-character who is a fallen angel, though a kind and caring soul like you will meet no other. Seemingly a paradox. So here is the explanation for why he left heaven.