A Girl's Lament

L. Price

New stuff on my dad and my feelings... hell, if I can't deal with it, I write it. So shut up and read. (Warning, foul language)

Jestia: Vinestemmer

L. Price

This is a later one, about Vinestemmer... When the worlds of the Elves and Humans collide it seems that the Humans, who are in reality, knock offs of Elves, are the ones to blame.

A Dragon's Tale

Diane Reed

This is a story, written in verse, about a creature who is part man and part dragon!


Maria Elmindreda L

Three things I borrowed from the past and intend to carry with me to the future. Three things that make my life worth living...

Futures Past Ch. 8&9

Michelle Lackey

So, now we enter the realm of what actually happened and just how out of balance Turbo really is. This deals with some explanation, but I rather like the fight. So far, Elyria doesn't seem really all that bright. Oh, and the world doesn't really revolve around Turbo... just so you know. Read on.

Dragon Queen Ch 5

Jayson Kennedy

Chapter 5! We finally get to look into Yarek and see how he feels about all of this nonsense! Poor Yarek. ~EDIT~ I reworked part of this chapter so I could work in what happens to Kymm.

Connor and Binjii II

Chelsea Castonguay

Nora Stel read my first try at Connor and Binjii, and made an excellent point that they really are not realistic pirates, so I gave them another go, I think this one is better.

Saturday Night Lights

Chelsea Castonguay

What happens when mysterious beings show up at a kegger?

A Long Time Before

Cathin Yang

A long time ago on a planet not so far away, there was peace and happiness. Course, that stuff never stays long and this is what happens...

Luke's Story Chapter 2 - The Beast Within

Nicole Byers

This is the second chapter of Luke's Story where he begins to be affected by the vampire within him. After having an 'accident' at the school, he soon turns into a wanted fugitive. This is where his hate and want for revenge begin to take root.

Chapter 2

Acacia Brovedani

Leishandra begins her flight away from Corin and towards something new....

Dark One

Juan III

Introduction to a story world of my own creation, which, although surely heard often, I'd like to believe is a fairly original creation of my own. Read and see. The story is fairly long, however. Apologies.

Dark Warrior

Michael Hobbs (Mife/Fifelon)

Once again, A poem that is dark and has multiple meanings. Hope it is liked by all of you.

The Forsaken

Colin M. Agnew

Really twisted plot, the fire sorta sizzled out. criticism appreciated

Shin No Ippo

Brandon Christ

A lone warrior loses his family and many friends to a Power hungry tyrant. He has sworn vengeance and with his blessed sword, the 'Dragon Blade' he sets of to kill him...and anyone who stands in his way. PS: Von Dagga can be interpereted as 'Jeez,' or 'Holy Crap,' depending no the usage. You can usually put it into context anyway. I made up the word, so don't bother looking it up.

Loruiel's Quest Chapter 3

Jackie Blanchette

this is the third chapter to Loruiel and Rowg's quest to find justice


Kaye Hashimoto-Ghan

This is another old poem...so it's not that great. This was one of the numerous times I was mad @ my mom.

Home Burial

Lee-Ann Tee

Amy realises and accept her destiny to live with something she hates - Edited. Oh, and just want to say thank you to Alice (Miffy) and Raymond for those beautiful, if not harsh, comments! ;)

Mercury - Chapter 2

Carly Silverton

Alanna has got Jonathon safe at home, and is trying to keep him that way. But, what happens when he falls asleep during the day and Alanna goes exploring? Find out what she will do when she finds his secret room, locked and the mess inside it. *Sad chapter...:( Oh well, I haven't worked on this story in awhile and this is an old chapter I never uploaded. Sorry faithful follwoers/watchers. But, now it's here

Wing Deposed...

Rocco Davis

BlackWing's bitter exile from his clan...