Piriah Chapter 5: Nat tells Polintaer about Nalche

Dana Caldwell

Here's where the story really gets going, and it's something of a whirlwind for poor Nalche from here. Nat spills the beans about Nalche to Polintaer, and he, of course, takes it in stride. Right before he takes a little walk of his own.

Battle Ready Guild

Jen French

The story of how a young girl beats the odds, excelling in swordsmenship and battle, becoming one of the greatest warriors the world has ever known.

Genevieve and the Raven

Rachel Michel

A highschool girl have visions and premonisions of the future and tries to save the life of a fellow student from an evil ghost, in the end is the cause of the other girl's death.

I Am A Vampire

Bryony Stubbs

Yes, another poem with a vampire. This is a pretty pointless poem that I wrote when I was annoyed. It's mildly amusing.


Brandy May

An early story, and not one of my best. It does have a certain flavor to it that I find appealing, however, so I'm posting it anyway. Superstitions are steeped in fear, and bred of ignorance, but how are we to know the truth?

On the Other Side

Nicolei Arnold

The forest was quiet; the moons had been lingering in the sky for some time now. Fresh snow had just fallen and was beginning to transform into ice. All animals were asleep, all life was still.

The Story of the Nemesis (3)

Cly Novak

Here is the thrid entree. Not as sad as the first two, but sad enough.

Horned Man of Reflections


a Poem.

Is This It

Genevieve Bignell

Ruby Nevada is nearly 19, she lives with her mother, mourns for her brother and has the magic of an angry fairy, without being the fairy.

Santa Claus, Medieval Secret Undercover Agent: Episode Two--- Electric Boogaloo!

Paul Doyle

More plot this time! (Thanks, Laurel Biles!) The laughs are still there, I fervently hope, as the silliness introduced in Episode One unfolds . . . More faithful to Thomas Abrahamsson's 'Old Man' pic than Episode One. Enjoy reading! The title has been inspired by that 1980's urban dance drama thingy, 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.' A great title, right up there with 'Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama' and 'Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared-Syn'!

The Yeiropally Gnomes Chapter 1

Dewald Malan

The tale of the young James Lorenzo's and his faithfull companion Frelopius' quest to find the Yeiropally Gnomes

The Citadel, chapter two

Louise Boucher

Chapter Two has lots of dialogue which I don't often write but I like it here - and it all balances out because the final part of the chapter is almost all discription. I wanted to show that all of the characters have their own views and ideas and, just because the Narrator likes him, it does not mean that Haydain is right. I think you should have a choice in who you want to cheer for and believe in (part of the Dragonians' problem is that they don't have that luxury). This is also quite an angry chapter because I do not like cosy stories and parts of Chapter One looked a bit too cosy, so I've shaken things up here. Haydain goes slightly crazy but he is under quite a lot of stress! Comments and criticism gratefully recieved. If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it you can post a message in this journal entry.


Nicolei Arnold

The house was quiet at midnight. I could find nothing else better to do than to listen to my boyfriend breathe on the phone. I tip-toed up to my room and stuffed my head under some blankets to drown out my voice when I talked. He was busy watching TV, and I hated being ignored. So I rambled on these simple words and decided to write them down. I thanked him after being so quiet.

The Angry Tables of Tablia

Adria Self

Revised version I wrote for my english class narrative essay assignment. Teacher gave me an 'A'. ^_^ I like this one better.

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 8

rory braconnier

chapter 8

Wolfrunner: Chap 05 End

Jessica Cannon

It all ends, in one bloody battle with Vladimir to gain Danse's freedom. If enough people read and likey, I write more, but I doubt it.

Chapter One of Visions

Jacques de Villiers

We are introduced to Thallan's wife and children, the sinister council, and Dellian the Fourth's son.


Nathaly Rijks

A different sort of faerie that was i found screaming at me inside my head. Even though it's not one of my better stories, and it's really weird, i just had this urge to upload it. So here you go!

Halls of fate: Chapter 4

C. Raynor

Radaren gets rescued, and Jeruki nearly gets himself throttled by a angry dragon

Milna Kuppras, My Brothers

Carrie Ott

Plainly put, it is a short story about some wolves. Yup. A wolf is telling a story from her not-too-distant past, explaining how she got to where she is. I won't spoil the ending, but I ended up feeling a lot of emotions within myself while writing it. I cried and laughed, for sure! I originally intended for this to be very short, but then I loved it so much that I had to ignore my own writing limits and write it until its end.This story was a great practice for me in avoiding dialogue (which I usually depend on), and also expressing emotion. I wanted this story to be a vehicle for conveying emotion, which I haven't practiced very much. I personally love this story, which is unusual since it is my own writing and I am usually critical of my own writing. But anyway, this has gone through virtually no editing because I love it the way it is. It was written by hand first (during many study halls) and then typed. Let me know if you think this story is too long and should be split into two parts. A note on language - you might find the language in this story a little choppy sometimes. That's because this wolf does know how to speak, but is unfamiliar with some words. If she doesn't know a word, she puts two that she does know together to describe what she doesn't know. I personally love the way she talks - intelligent to herself yet very animalistic to us.Note on Characters - the male wolf's name is R'keia. It is pronounced ri-KAY-uh.The moral of the story - fight for what you believe in.Total time to write this - eh, probably about 4 hours. EDIT 12/21/09 - FIRST MOD'S CHOICE IN THE WRITING SECTION! YAAAAY! THANK  YOU MODS! :)