Chapter 2: In the Forest

Laura Jennings

A priest of the forest realizes an ancient power has been ressurected ...

Chapter 3: Lucky to Be Here

Laura Jennings

A defiant dancer desires past freedoms ...

The Mole Who Could Fly

Elizabeth Hartwick

This story I wrote for Chemistry of all classes! The story is about a talking mole who experiences something extraordinary

Calesta-Chapter 2

Amanda Wells

This is a story that I'm writing with my friend Christina Brescia. You can see her website hereand she has given me permission to put the story here on Elfwood. This story has not been edited in too much detail yet, so it's still kind of rough. Any comments/criticisms are very welcome though!

Syrius part 2 : The White One

Laura Crampton

part 2 of my story eventually all 4 parts will merge together unfortunatly I can't publish Dane : the son here not suitable XD *coughs* uh any way its still in the works it's unfinished so keep your eyes peeled I'll be updating it when I have time. any constructive comments would be greatly appriciated (please do not comment on grammer/ spelling I know I'm not a good typist

Chapter 9...

Maureen Wolff


Chapter 3...

Maureen Wolff

Akeena is introduced and she is following the black robe clan to rescue her father...

The Familiar (Prologue)

Jennifer Sullivan

The Prologue to the complete story- will publish following chapters soon. Set on a future Earth.

At The Theatre

Nina Jones

Part of an ongoing saga. The theatre district is open to all, if your rich enough. Angels and creatures of the night roam through dimentions full of the weird and wonderful. More to come.

Bridget and the Toad

David S. Percival

Okay, here's a keeper. I wrote this one after waking up from a pleasant dream. I know it's a little romantic, but I still like it. 'Course, it is very out of character for me. This one is dedicated to 'tine, for her 18th birthday. Oh, and I think I got most of those 'a/d' problems you guys pointed out fixed up...ain't I the greatest? Tim Shumate, an artist in the woods, has this nice li'l drawing that basically looks like Bridget, in my mind's eye. Here it is


Philip Stadler

A hastly decision forces the heroin into a desperat run to escape her pursuors

Elements III: Fear

Sharon Black

The third part. I should probably make a clarification- Slag controls metal, and metal includes all elemental earth(stone, dirt, etc).


Stephanie Kunder

branch of the government gone bad, using orphaned and kidnapped youth to experiment with a DNA mutation injection. merges human DNA with a choice animal.


Charlotte Geier

I wrote this one evening after I had spent the day climbing over a local 'rock pile' known as Hueco Tanks. I had climbed into a dry cave halfway up a hill as a rainstorm approached. Suddenly, scenes began swirling through my mind...

Chapter One: Dire News

Sam Wood

This is the first part of a story I'm probably never going to finish. It's in a similar vein to Redwall and also Watership Down. It deals with an underground fuedal society of rabbits, and their conflict with the other animals of the world.

The Peoples of the Day (poem)

Ellen Jurik

Errr... this poem is just kindof going on about how animals are people and people are animals etc etc... I dunno. Hard to explain. My friend once said it had a 'fantasy feel' to it, but it isn't exactly high fantasy, but... well... whatever. Tell me what you think.

The Oracles Promise

Lora Hayden

The Caretakers of the elements are slowly going insane. The Oracle knows some of what's happening, but it's not revealing all... (The Oracle speaks in bold italics)

The Bird

George Hall

This is a poem that was inspired by the book Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee. It is an observation of a bird.

The Phoenix

Valerie Grabski

Singing the glory of this wonderful bird o' fire.

Untitled - One

Brandy Jackson

This is just something I started recently, nothing fancy, just fantasy. Hope you enjoy!