Nicholas & Kieran, Part I

Amanda Fisher

A character of mine, Nick meets up with another character of RC's named Kieran, it is their first encounter and I have spruced it up and it's nice to have friends who let you RP and post the stories that where woven!

D, Chap. III

Amanda Fisher

As a vampire, he feeds and this is one of those encounters

Cat Girl Neko Red Riding Hood

Dean Glencross

The story of little red riding hood thrown into the world of anime. This was done as part experiment, part for the writing course I'm doing. I think it turned out well. Probably needs some more work though. The end seems a little rushed.

a crystaluna story

K. Thompson

this is for crystaluna.. the formatting sucks, but im still learning.. actually, this is for bunny and tenchi too, but its unfinished ;P

Chapter 1: Escape

K. Thompson

Here is the first part of Chapter 1 of the Riley saga.. If you get a chance, there's a few drawings of Riley at my Loth site ;) Here's is where you're introduced to Elgyn, Tiamat and Squijm.. I will finish as soon as I can..

Another Time

Michael Ballmann

This is my most recent story. I've decided to try out writing episodic segments instead of short stories or chapter-style stories. In time this may actually get its own website, kind of like Maher Al-Samkari's works (Eva-R, Faren). This particular work is Episode 0, the prologue of sorts that takes place after the events in the actual story to follow.

Elements I: Temptation

Sharon Black

This is the first part of a either a novella or a really long short story. It started as a challenge issued by a friend to write something influenced by anime/ comic books and dealing with the elements, and make each section a story that could, with minimal alterations, stand on its own while remaining under 2000 words. More will be coming, I promise.

Tokyo Girl 1

Elizabeth Gerrow

The first part of a new story I'm's sort of something for all of my Anime-loving friends!

Yule Gift

Stephanie Covington

The best Yuletide / Christmas gift I ever recieved ... no gift had more of love and selflessness in it than this one.

Mark II-Chapter Four

Steven Elmore

Boy meets Girl, other Girl meets Boy, Boy gets in motorcycle accident and Insane Uncle pulls Boy's mind into a robot body.

Dog God

nikaury Mossen

A great dog god adventures.

Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero

Carrie Mills

(To Synthesize - 'To combine into a single or unified entity.' A+B = AB)


Christopher Owen

A short story of a falling out between friends

Shinwa Shiranai ~ Kouko Sennyu

Danielle Lamar

June 2, 2006 is just another normal day for Kumi Taji. A short fight with her younger brother, yet another argument with her father over fantasy books, another day of trying to put up with her irritatingly family... all very routine. But then she meets a stranger in the forest preserve, and her life will never be normal again.

D, Chap. II

Amanda Fisher

In this section D is faced with the struggle that he had been pushing to the back of his mind

D, Chap. I

Amanda Fisher

A story about my RP character D, This part is just the beginning of his life

Angel of Destiny - Chapter 3 - Revived

David Kuwahara

        'I'm not one who has ever been any good at making public speeches, especially when it comes to speaking at the funeral of my best friend,' Yumi began, looking into the hurt sorrowful faces of Saori's family, friends, and peers from behind the podium. Unable to face the people in fear of bursting out into tears, Yumi looked down at the black coffin that lay before her littered with flowers and memoriables. Swallowing hard on the pain that had built up inside her throat and taking a deep breath, Yumi continues the eulogy.

Angel of Destiny - Chapter 1 - The New Kid

David Kuwahara

        Standing on a boulder looking out at the bay, Tetsuro squinted his eyes at the bright light as he holds his young baby girl close to his racing heart. The figure ascending to the heaven lit up the night sky with pure brilliant light. As she looked down upon her husband standing by the ocean edge, the white being uttered two final words before finally vanishing in a flash of light.         “I promise…”

If We Were Ment To Be

Lee Zyzman

A small story about two Rune Wanderers characters, who have a brief romantic encounter.

Lady of Dreams

Maeve Leonard

The first of many chapters in the Dhlenaire story, though hardly the beginning. Here we find the unlikely Lord of Dhlenaire...trapped in what appears to be a castle within a large tree. He remains where he is, unmoving, as he has for centuries...awaitin the return of his lady. This was originally a song fic, converted to something more Legal. How are the transitions between paragraphs? And the conclusion...what can be done to save this conclusion? Lady Layla ish (c) to Maeve Leonard McEneny, and Lord Seiko ish (c) to Matt Barnes. He's my hero...! Visit his site. He's just next door. Much better writing. *waves to Matt*