The Night 1 (Blacken Hero I Await)

Brandon Lee

In the eyes another a hero rides the lands

Hanni, Chapter 11

John Larsen

In this installment in the series about the time-travelling boy, Hanni, Hanni continues his journey as he leaves the town of Crid in Mora's chariot. But a dark, evil creature awaits them as they leave the village, and Hanni nearly encounters death!!!

Hanni, Chapter 12

John Larsen

In this chapter, Kumo, the troll sets Hanni afoot on his mission. Thejourney continuesin a big way!

Another Time

Michael Ballmann

This is my most recent story. I've decided to try out writing episodic segments instead of short stories or chapter-style stories. In time this may actually get its own website, kind of like Maher Al-Samkari's works (Eva-R, Faren). This particular work is Episode 0, the prologue of sorts that takes place after the events in the actual story to follow.

The Flower 5 (I See)

Brandon Lee

We can never tell what another thinks unless we can read minds

Another Day (poem)

N. Williams

Never try to write poetry after midnight.

Bells of Hell

Dawn Jansen

Inspired after reading a book about vampires. No, it's not fanfiction and though I liked the name 'Marius' it's not the same Marius.

Another World

Che Joseph Monro

We all live in different worlds

The Maiden Who Does Not Want Me

Jacques de Villiers

I have written this poem in the guise of a Falinian poet, Hebrinth Halsnooth. I do not hold the piece in the greatest esteem, but hopefully others will think otherwise.

Edge of a Dream

April ]-[3L' Jones

This isn't much. I guess when I woke up I just threw the whole thing down on some paper. I might try to fix it up some...

Another Lost Soul

Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

one of my older poems, I was really depressed when I wrote it.