Silver Guardian Scene 3

Leah Merrill

Here is Jenn and Talon's continued conversation.


Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

This is about what all of us feel (I think) at some point in our lives. When we look around our world, we can't help but wonder why our world is the way it is.

First Awakening

James Spaid

This was a story / pic trade with the multi talented Flynn Firewing of the Gryphon's Guild. It was created for her as a prelude to a story of her own, yet is still an interesting read by itself. A historical fantasy tale of secrets and answers, of friendship and loss, of adventure and vengence. I unfortunately rushed the end, but I still think that it came out well. All characters are copyright Flynn Firewing.

Beneath the Shadows (wrkingtitle) part 4

Samantha James

part 4. enjoy

Angel Cross - Answers

Lisa Karsai

Chapter four of the onslaught! Time to try and answer a few of your nagging questions I think... A bit of a shorter chapter this time, I hope to fatten it out at some later date.. Tell me it answer's at least a few questions... please?

Gifted: 2 - Answers

Mairead NiDiobhlain

In this chapter Chris gets one step closer to discovering what he is and where his place is but Ita, his sister, is still very much in the dark. Also, another piece enters the puzzle in the form of a girl Chris believed to be dead. Enjoy :)

Of Humans and Elves, part 5

Ben Cameron

Niell begins his search to find answers. Terraic's character is also revealed a little more, though he doesn't play a very important part in this section. I fear that this does not answer as many questions as most would like. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t come out now without spoiling later bits. Also, Niell hasn't worked it out yet for himself yet so the answers aren't directly stated and, in fact, are really only hinted at. Having said that, there should be enough information within in this and the previous chapters to work out who Niell is, approximately why he started out in the way he did in Part 1 and maybe even a little about Terraic. A word of warning, a fair bit deduction would have to be used to work those last two out (especially anything about Niell).

Poem: Life's Passing

Nicole Russo

Another Poem that is still on the dark side, but ... not one of sadness. Wonderland

Shaun Ingamells

Well the first part is kindda like 'alice in wonderland' hence the title, and i dunno i was bored and had Alice in wonderland in my head for some strange reason and so this was born...

A Wanderer

Tom Nosredans

a loner wandering the world searching for answers he cannot find.

Chosen Gifts - Chapter Four

Carrie Miller

In this chapter Eilayna is tested, and must begin to make decisions about herself and her future.