The Elements: The Power of Four: Chapter 1

Connie Chen

This first chapter of the Elements. In which the Four Elements meet.

The Elements: The Power of Four: Prologue

Connie Chen

The Prologue of a story about 4 teenagers who must unite as the Elements to defeat a dark and ancient evil!

Miss Hashby

Janelle Whitehead

Immogene Hashby is to find a suiter, Charlie is a lifelong friend that loves her too much to realize it, and even if he did figure it out, he'd have the competition of elves, wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures. Please help me finish this! ...Or just push me to finish it. Thanks!

“Just because I died doesn’t mean I’m dead!”

Catherine Brodie

I'm not sure where this came from. It's not much like I.. ever write.. =P


Dani Hall


The Clown

Danyella Edwards

A little...I dunno..poem? Ramble? about my mask... the person I hide behind when I want people to see someone else than me. A happy, smiley, goofy person when I really feel like dying inside.

A Prince for Eliiseth

Elizabeth Dehn

A cook's foster daughter falls in love with a prince and commits suicide when she finds out he is to be married. She haunts him and her spirit ends up killing him. In death they both kill his widowed wife.

Death Stalks the Night

Deborah Cullins Smith

A new killer stalks the streets, and citizens cower behind closed doors, hoping to avoid his notice. This story was written for Herscher Project's # 16: The Hunter and the Hunted.

The Outcasts

Micah English

Story #6 of the new Nazgrim set. Tana starts showing her childish side a bit more, now that she's comfortable. Everyone continues being themselves, although Naz is acting a bit funny... Oh, and the first emissary from the Council of the Enlightened, one particularly angry Vala, makes a flashy entrance. Let's get ready magic-rumble!

Lover in the night

Rose Cowart

Working title. Aaelluria is a powerful battle mage, that has recently lost her lover Carcharoth in the heat of the raging war. But are the visions she keeps having of him returning to her, deep in the dark of night reality, or her mind wishing for her lover to return.

Frozen Windows II

Meghan (Apocalypse)

In a few words...the second chapter

Chapter 06

Emma K. Simon

The 6th chapter to my story. I'm working on the 7th as you read this, if you have any ideas for a title, I'm ready and willing to listen!

To Bid Farewell

Evan Cahill

A man lost in his greif for his loss of his dearly beloved. Three years after his death he comes to see her.


Elisabeth Jones

ok, this is a shorter story than elemental alliance and I'm aiming for 6 chapters. Thanks to Bryony, Rebecca and Eloise who are the characters in this story, though this bit is completely me.

The Nekrosmantian: Empty Handed

Brandy Elliott

The albino Nekrosmantian joins up with a Hekaad who're unkowingly hunting a phantom. Once they're clear what it is they're after, they realize they're going to need her help and so begind the partnership which leads them back into town only to end up empty handed.

The Fourth: Ch1

Faraz Hussain

My first sci-fi work. The introduction of the main character. (Project currently on haitus). Rated PG (violence).

Tale of the White Stag

Samantha Papworth

For all those who have lived through rose coloured glasses.

The Oil Lamp

John Samuel

If it hadn't have happened, I would not have believed it !


Garon Whited

'Dead' doesn't mean 'finished.'

Whatever Possessed You?

Chyaz Samuel

This is really bizzare and unfinished. 'Nuff said!