Re-Incarnate: 27-End

Dale Hardman

Here we are. The final installment. It's been fun reading with you, and I hope you've had a wonderful time reading my story. If you haven't, I fail to see what you're doing at the end of my story. KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF DISLIKING SOMETHING IF YOU READ IT. God, I need sleep.


Booj PillowGoblin

This was a perversion of a writing my gran has on her wall. Boy howdy if she ever read this. O well. Sorry or the blasphemey. Squee.

The Price of Immortality


I saw an article in some science magazine about how scientist were trying to find a way to immortality. And I thought that it was stupid. And I got to wondering what would happen if scientist did find immortality. And this story came to my mind... all right, no more to say.

Green Land 05: Signs of Life

Richard Lorenz

We are fleeing Death. It is all around us. In the midst of despair, we find hope. Black, hopeless hope.

Dancing in the Ashes

Angela Sasser

Can anyone guess who and what the speaker in this story is^_^ Although I'm sure it's pretty obvious. I just wrote this on a whim..really no thought into it..just pure creative spurting I guess..hehehe

DemonSlayer: Prologue

Mitul Mistry

Ah, the beginning... the beginning of it all. The Prologue. I believe this is an unedited version, so I'll try to get the edited one up soon. But please, if you enjoy my writing, begin here. You'll see, as the story of 'Demonslayer' progresses, especially past parts 2 & 3, that it really becomes so much more than what it initially had seemed to be. So please, do read on...

Green Land 07: The Long Road

Richard Lorenz

While waiting for the rest of my family to show up, the management of Blue Pines fell upon my shoulders. I find that my daughter's heart has been stolen away. My wife was attacked by ghosts. And my son has spoiled like everything else in this cursed land. We flee south and east as far as we can, fleeing the source of desecration, only to be turned north again. Unwillingly.

the hundred year review

Steven James

this is a kinda dark story. wrote it after a dream i had. enjoy.

Fading Away

Stephanie Maynard

End-of-the-world poem. I made it up in my Drafting class, oddly enough. I was just humming to myself one day and out comes a tune and lyrics. Go figure. Anyhow, comments and constructive critisim much appreciated! Thanks! ::does happy elfin dance::

Against the Flow

Xander Brown

(Also 'Beyond the Beast'.) Hey all concerned. This is the unofficial after series of my mod's story 'Combating the Beast'. Enjoy. By Order.

Green Land 04: Death of the Great Tree

Richard Lorenz

Although not delineated fully in the story, the Great Tree is symbolic, to the people of White Oak, of their prosperity. Much of the town revelry and celebrations took place there. To find it dead is a blow to their own self image.

Green Land 06: Blue Pines

Richard Lorenz

I fled home with my family. Now I had a village, and my family was scattered all around me. I put on my father's armor, which chilled my heart, to seek out my daughter, who may or may not be in trouble. I finally find her and Edgar, Edgar and her. Them. Oh, and I get to witness the destruction of another town.

Street Lights

Elie Pearson

'When they come for me I'll be sitting at my desk, With a gun in my hand wearing a bulletproof vest Singing 'Mymymy, how the time must fly When you know your going to die By the end of the night'' -Streetlight Manifesto 'Keasbey Nights'

The Unholy Chariot

Alex Menaksui' Nied

This is a poem, written from when I was most depressed. The preface of it is the four horsemen of the apocolypse died.

The Circle and the Dance Ch.3

Angela Sasser

The journey continues. Hathor and Andvari find themselves accompanied by a dark stranger to find the key to their visions. But will this stranger prove to be freind or foe? The demon pursues...


Katrina Bergen

My final story for scifi English...I was in a strange mood when I wrote this, so some of the symbolism is strange, lol...but I like the plot...tell me what you think.

Angel's Underground Prologue: Part 1

Kristin Erickson

When a world lies in ruins due to an apocolypse, it is inhabited by a handful of survivors who will fight until the death of the world.

Green Land 03: White Oak

Richard Lorenz

Fleeing my father, and the destruction of Gayat, we run into a small village with a big problem: a dreamer.

Darkness Awakens: Chapter Two

Patricia Sipes

Am I sick? Another something with decent grammar! Hold the press!

Darkness Awakens: Preface and Prologue

Patricia Sipes

What happens when a disfunctional teen and her group of friends must save the world from an evil that the international population doesn't believe in...I don't know, why don't you read to find out! I started this story back in November, and it's gotten rather long, but unfortunately I'm horrid at grammer, so enjoy if you can read it,(this is the only part that has semi-decent grammar)