Archangel Saga: Archangel of the Flame

Alexander Hoffman

This is the first in my Archangel Saga. It is the story of Tylell, destined to be the Archangel of the Flame.

Archangel Saga: Archangel of Water

Alexander Hoffman

This is the second in my Archangel Saga. This tells the tale of Orius, Archangel of Water...

The Fall of the Angels

Logan Gonzalez

From an Angel's point of view, here is an account of the day Lucivar and his followers were banished from Heaven... A rare up-close and personal look at the entire issue.

The Angels

Kris Hogenbirk-Toohy

My french isn't perfect, if you spot an error, please let me know.

Cathedral: Prolouge

Matthew Akers

This story was inspired by the start of an In Nomine game that I participated in once, but the end of this story is much more final. This has been edited based n comments made on it. Thanks!

The Arsenal: Possession

Jake Diebolt

The Raven has long struggled against the demon infesting his soul. Now the demon is sending him nightmares and hallucinations. It seems only two choices remain: futile resistance, or death. This story is meant to provide some background and development to the character the Raven.


Melinda Reynolds

God refuses Lucifer's and Satan's Petition to repeal the Decree to Serve Mankind; Satan sets the Rebellion in motion

The Imposible Dream: Part 1

Amanda Williams

The story about two people born the fight each other, doomed to love one another and cursed with a final twist in fate. This was actually inspired from a picture by Selina A Fenech

Vincent ~ Part 1 ::Julie::

Megan Mcbride

This is a story about Vincent, one of my favorite characters, though I hardly play him anymore. It's the second story I ever wrote, so.. bear with me. Please?

Balancing Powers 2 - The Danger of Opponents

Lyndsie Clark

Lana and Corin escape from the dungeon to meet and some unusual characters. Freindship develops.

Vincent ~ Part 3 ::Aftershock::

Megan Mcbride

The third and no longer final part of Vincent's tale.... (You'll see what I mean soon ^_~)

Of Weeping and the Gnashing of Teeth (Christmas Story)

Ryan Stringer

This is a story I wrote along the theme of 'The Birth of Jesus'. I decided to write it from a, shall we say, unorthodox perspective.

Out of Body and Mind

Eva Golden

A story about a girl who is into the Out-of-body experience. SHe's just playing around with her friend Malkuth when then she finds out he has feelings for her

Fallen Angel: Chapter 1


Who'd ever thought she'd fall for an older man?

ANGEL - part 1

R.E. Canepa

Part one of the only longish short story i have managed to finish.I've finaly managed to get it to a point where i'm satisfied with it.

The Angel's violin

Alexi Stone

Different kinds of vampires roam over the world, lost, confused, lonely. The tide of change is coming for one vampire, however. Faynor has been having problems controlling the inner demon and there is one way to rid the demon and it is the only thing he has never wanted to have: love from an angel.


Melinda Reynolds

Mihdael attempts to dissuade Lucifer from joining the Rebellion; Michael demotes Mihdael


Melinda Reynolds

Michael is captured by Lucifer; Mihdael faces Judgment; Mihdael becomes enamoured of Eve


Melinda Reynolds

God commands the Angels to serve Mankind; Lucifer and Satan plan the Rebellion


Melinda Reynolds

The Angel Warriors of Heaven as told from the POV of Angel Warrior Mihdael, Archangel Michael's Second-in-Command