We Are Two

Amanda Hopkins

This is a little piece of poetry based off two characters my friend made up. The characters are Lady Fire-Eyes and Emerald Healer. She hasn't told me the rest of the story, so I don't know how it's going to end. Anyway, don't forget to make comments. :)


Melanie Henderson-Lee

The first scene in what i pray will become a book

Are Lyne -The End of a Journey

Yelitza Vélez

Chapter 4! Here is what happens after 'The Beg. of a Jour.' The journey ends, but not Are Lyne's troubles (she rebels and escapes... or does she?) This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

Are Lyne -Ruth

Yelitza Vélez

Chapter 5! Are Lyne and Rhys have reached their destination. Here, Are Lyne meets Ruth. This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

Are Lyne -The Story Within

Yelitza Vélez

The Second Chapter of Part Two of Are Lyne... guess what happens here!!!! Heehee This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

part of Fire 2 -Rhys Thinking

Yelitza Vélez

This is part of 'The Fire 2'. In here, Rhys is thinking about what just happened


Iris Ayers

A poem using many metaphors to imply how those who seem so superior and stronger then you are really weak and inferior; how people believe in false things and everything but the truth; how people are blind to everything that is not sat in front of them by previous generations.

Dungeons and Drag-ons

Jason Romein

Over quite some time, I have accumulated some funny ideas about role-playing, and many of them are demonstrated in this one. Just picture Dungeons and Dragons without a DM... =] (well, sorta without a DM) Actually, Foo Sek Han wrote part 2 of this, so if you want to read it, click here.

The Trial of Mages (Part 1)

Jason Romein

I started this one, but I am unsure of how to finish it. It has a good concept, but really, I suppose I got writer's block where this one ends (currently). I will most likely add to this, however. Comments will help me add to it faster *hint hint* =]

Kloe of the Amazons 1: My Life.

Jamie Anders

A young girl whom has grown up in the shadows of Amazon Warrioresses. Is she really the shadow or the true Queen? You decide.

Who are we?

Ryan Langley

Who are we?

The Wolf

Joshua Brooks

this story just popped into my head and developed while i wrote it


Fred Hu

This was a project I had to do for a class.This story might not make a lot of sense at the beginning, and it might make less sense at the end.Just imagine a world like our own, except with a few distinct changes. I'll leave you to figure out what's different. If I continue the series, this might make more sense.

Are Lyne -The Beginning of a Journey

Yelitza Vélez

3rd chapter. Here Are Lye and Rhys begin their journey towards Rhys' home. Many a things happen... This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

Are Lyne -Many Years Later

Yelitza Vélez

Chapter 4 of part two of Are Lyne! 'Tis a short chapter, but an important descicion is made by Are Lyne. This is, I think, one of my fav parts. This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

The Night 6 (Spirits Reborn)

Brandon Lee

Hopes are things that can make us forget the past

Ghosts (Poem)

Jinni Blanchard

What ghosts do.

Are Lyne -The Tale is Told

Yelitza Vélez

Second chaper in the story. This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

Fire 2 continued

Yelitza Vélez

This is the continuation of 'The Fire 2'. Here they begin to form a friendship...

Are Lyne -The Fire 2

Yelitza Vélez

This is the first chapter in the Second Part of 'Are Lyne'. Here Are Lyne wakes up and begins to 'soften' you might say. This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.