Chapter 14

Andrew Casey

Raleigh delves into the history of Haber while interest is taken in Daegan and Squill.

Glaios Fight

Kathryn Aliwoode

This is a revision of the old Fight story on my page.


Daniel Madche

Just an idea that popped into my head one night. An outcast battles for his long sought after acceptance to a powerful group. 7-10-05


Benjamin Murphie

Wrote this one a while ago, the idea just came to me and I went with it. This one might be a 'to be continued...'

Dragon Arena, Part 2

Tina Walls

The story continues....

The Troika Masque-Dance--Chapter 1

Alycia J. Childs

The next part of the story, where it really begins. *EG* All this fun stuff, you know...

The Dragon Tavern

Graham King

A man who finds himself in a world that of he does not know.

Journey Part 08 - The Arena

Al Howe

The past lies in ruins.

Fantasy Novel Chapter 5

Volker Herfeld

The party visits an arena fight to see one of their enemies in action.

Moonlight and the Archer- Chapter 2

M Khan

Well, this chapter takes place six years after the first. In this chapter Numdeen meets Chaandni for the first time in six years, and he doesn't remember who she is, even though he has seen her and her friend in his dreams. He also sees the legendary gladiator arena, and make three new friends.

Motone (BlackJack's Origin)

E. Hanna

This one's dedicated to an old buddy, Camilla 'Motone' Whitney. It takes me a while, but I told you you'd get your own story.

The Arena

Lisa Rogers

Love can save and kill, with just one touch.


M. Crawford

Day before yesterday, I did something really horrible to my left foot involving a floor fan, which may have broken one of my toes. The next day, I wrote this practically in one sitting. Coincidence? Writing this turned out to be incredibly weird for me. I've actually never written from the perspective (this is limited third, my favorite) of a character who is physically not human. I've practically never read anything written from the perspective of a character who wasn't human -- elves and suchlike don't count. I feel strangely like I'm doing something socially unacceptable. Credit goes to Matt Harpold, whose art inspired this setting in a rather nebulous way, and to Heather Anne Nicoll, who knows all the right questions to ask me. And to some guy on Renderosity whose name completely escapes me, but who inspired Naikasei's shape by positing a race of raptorlike humanoids and foolishly letting me speculate at him about their anatomy. For the curious, all the non-English words in this are completely made up. I used a word generator set to produce ancient Greek-looking words, took them apart, put them back together again, and then applied some sound transformations. You may notice a discrepancy between 'atononeki' and 'atononekai' -- that's deliberate, the latter is a plural. (This is, for the record, almost exactly how one should not construct a language -- vocabulary first, grammar and syntax second.) My previous warning was what I like to call a tactical exaggeration. Also known as 'hysterical ass-covering'. Anyway, this is rather nasty and bloody, and may disturb the squeamish and extremely moral.

Chapter 12

Andrew Casey

Daegan and Squill enter the Hall and taste their lives back home.

Chapter 12b

Andrew Casey

Second half of Chapter 12

Shadow Striker: Chapter 9-10

Divina Fuentes

Ladies, gentlemen, and Bunto, I present: My magnum opus. The story of Skye, the trigon that wasn't and the blade of light called the Shadow striker, and their journey to triumph over darkness. Inspired by me playing too much Kingdom Hearts and Ico. Read, enjoy, criticize. ***I dedicate this story to Selene and Angelica Jr. (my sisters), who will probably never come to this page because Selene is only interested in playing games when she uses the internet, and Jr. is only 7. But they were the first ones to hear the whole story.***

The Arena

Erin Murphy

I think I watched 'Gladiator' right before I had the idea for this. It came out a little differently to what I first had in mind, but I just liked these characters a lot.

Aran's Battle

Jeffrey Casey

A first person view of an arena battle

Jude Chapter 8

Ruth Monster' Browne

Jude wakes to find himself imprisoned in Cyarus near the desert of Lirshon. Much bloodshed! ^^ Songs: Cake: Arco Arena. Muse: Stockholm Syndrome. Whee. 'Sret' is a swearword, like 'damn', which I made up so Jude could swear without upsetting mods...

Dragon Arena, Part 3

Tina Walls

The dramatic conclusion...