Chapter Two: Premonitions

Alexandra Rogers

Arguing, arguing, arguing...does it really get you anywhere in life?

Matrimonial argument.

Patricio Gronda

I don't know. It is a strange story (specially for me). I hope you like it. I'm not sure if I do.

Nienna and Adaniel

Catherine Smith

Another memory of Nienna's. Again not so happy. It was also around this time that I started putting too much elvish history into my story. I got carried away and wrote another stories about it which is why I never finished this book. I get so easily what's that??? *runs off*

The Pressures on the Senna

Rachel Gogan

Kailen, the Prince of the Karai Mishra (my race of Desert Elves), has a pretty bad day. Warning: Contains Shounen Ai ^_^

The Rain King and The Hail Queen

Kathryn Aliwoode

A small fabley children's story.

Twice saved, twice surprised

Haley 'Everlorn' Baker

It is about one year ago I stumbled on a little site called Elfwood. It is also about one year ago my avatar (a spunky faery who represents me in drawings) and my muse (a micheivious imp who gives me ideas) started going out. They asked for a story on how they first met, so I gave it to them. Happy anniversary!

The Game 3D2

Jessica Cannon

Sing a Song of Sixpence: On blessed, beautiful land at last, our heroes decide to divide and conquer. Who will find out that vital key of information leading to the pirates? Will it be Amber and Sam using their glamour and camoflague, or will they get 'lost' and end up in Robes&Robes? Will Eric's brooding solve the case? Will there be any pirate with gold teeth, a drunken swagger and bearing a close affinity to ykw from a very popular movie? Will Richard ever get laid? Find out more - but quite possibly not in this new installment of... The Game (Dum de dum dum. Dum dum!)

An Argument of Moral

Bethany Ward

Everild and Robin have an argument about Edae, in all his drag wonderfulness.

Fate of Dragons: Chapter Four: The Apprentice

Tina Huynh

Livian, an old sorceress blessed with the gift of Foresight, forebades a disturbing predicament. With her health long diminished and her wisdom ignored by the rising powers, she struggles to reach the Elder Telluthirs. 'Something terrible will emerge from such trickery...' (Note: It was upon my friend, Iimmy's, request to name a mage, Spekkio, because that's his username/internet nick. Enjoy =p )

Making Plans

Jenny Olivera

I didn't initially upload this one because I thought it was bad. Then I reread it and started wondering what my problem with it was. The object of the exercise was to describe an emotion or emotions without using emotion words. This takes place behind the scenes of my novel.

Crimson chapter 11

Alyssa Green

Chapter eleven. Yeah. X_X I'm dead now. Hope you like.


Deborah Cullins Smith

Picnics are supposed to be fun events. But what if the ingredients for your potato salad rebelled?? The concept of this flash fiction came as a result of some church dissension several years ago. When believers don't get along, the stress can be overwhelming.

Havesters intro

Angela Knoblock

I just started writing one night and this is what I ended up with. I already had the races and a couple characters planned out (Henry is an old RP character of mine), but the rest I made up as I went. I have no idea when I'll get to writing the rest of the story, so far I have no plot. And I didn't finish writing this until 4 AM, so please tell me what you think of it.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 5

Beibei Du

Adorran and Beri butt heads

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 14

Beibei Du

All is perfectly peaceful

Guardian Angel Part 1


An angel is recaptured after a fall, and taken back home.

Lyda's Riders: Chapter Three

Anita King

'Friends in High Places.' As the chapter title suggests, the girls meet some new friends. Okay, folks. The title 'Lyda's Riders' just isn't cutting it. Any suggestions?

6 : Honor

Milla Lindqvist

Sares is rather dense when it comes to elves. He just can't stop provoking them.


Christina DeCamp

This is a quick excerpt from the Mysticor Redemption story that I jotted down one night. I'm wondering what people think. I enjoyed writing it. (hint- read the glossary first, it'll help this make more sense)

Symaira: Chapter 5

Sarah Kerr

Luca and Dyian trespass into the library, where not only do they discover each other's traits but have to face Vigo's forces united