Fritz Nosbaum

Obviously a poem. Bad poetry, but anyway.

The Endmakers

Kate Swiss

Two angels discuss their work. Thanks to Quitch and Targaff for proofreading :)

Pre-Emptive Strike Chapter 5

Kevin Brennan

The story continues...

Judgement Day

Ivo Stimac

The end of the world...what provoked this sudden end of humanity's existence?

There is always some time left

Marius Ernst

I wrote this in a bit of an angry and upset mood, in a very short time (2 and a half hours from idea to upload). Accordingly it's quite short. That's all I can say about it, except that there is always some time left...

Just a Little Rain

Natalia Kostylev

What would it be like to be the last person alive? Random thoughts turn into a short story...think I threw enough apocalyptic things at a time in there?

A Trillion Nodes for Emily, and She Wanted to be Me

Sarah Barton

A mysterious red-headed woman walks down a long corridor of frozen coffins, as a helpless prisoner of war watches, paralyzed, from within.

Shroud of Deception, Prologue

Steven McClellan

Well, finally I decided where in my SciFi I would like to write. So, here it is... the beginning of a long story of humanity's future. Where I shall stop, and where it shall all start... no one knows.

Aquarius - 01intro

Romy Laudy

A young Paladin trainee with a task to balance the return power of the Demonia Empire.

Pre-Emptive Strike Chapter 4

Kevin Brennan

Continuation of Pre-Emptive Strike

The Remnant

Mari Binx

The world has ended leaving a small band of teens alone. What's the worse that can happen?


Patricia Farnan

Which of these crises is greater: the global or the personal?Part of a larger fantasy story I’ve been working on for about 9 years, “Deadscape” is a glimpse at the far future of some of my characters.

At Last

Anita Chen

What if everything you believed to be morally correct was, in reality, immorral?

Just Sit Back and Watch

Callie Richardson

Unless, of course, there's no one left to watch...

Armageddon: Character Excerpts

Andre Webe

This is a compliation of some of the oppenning introductions the reader will get to some of the main characters. These excerpts take place at the beginning of the event that would come to be known as Armageddon. This, again, was a writing exercise I did to get the creative juices flowing. Hopefully it will give you the idea of what kind of reality I wanted to have in character personality. Enjoy, and please comment!

Armageddon: Prologue

Andre Webe

I had this idea a long time ago, and have kicking it around for years and years. I have this, the basic backstory, and a number of character exercises. I would like to get your opinions on what I have thus far, and see if my take on an end-of-the-world event is even remotely interesting. Enjoy, and please comment!


Luca McWild' Beltrami

This is more of an exercise than a true story. If I ever complete it it's going to be a short story about an assassin in an hipotetic future (about 2050) with a very messed up mind. Enjoy this for now. I'm going to repost it soon with some changes because right now I'm not really happy with it.


Brian Armitage

I am in the process of editing this story so I can send in a copy to L. Ron Hubbard's 'Writers of the Future' contest. Constructive criticism, as always, is appreciated. Oblivion is a story about a lady who wants to blow up the universe. Why? Read on.

s.t.g.m ~ byron adaptation

Anna Ångel oƒ †he Ab¥ss ) Zorawski

Here's an adaptation I wrote of Lord Byron's poem 'Darkness' for my Writer's Craft class.

Eulogy of the Overlord

Christine Clarke

This is basicaly a eulogy of an iron-fisted overlord, but is in truth a sketch of the Armageddon in its earliest throes, and a very in-depth study of how all the conflicts build upon themselves and why it is working out to be the Armageddon. I wrote it to be dripping with dramatic irony and so left the reader plenty of clues, but they start to make it seem a bit too all-knowing and fake. I left them in, though, because they're really necessary for the feel I wanted this to give the reader. However, to get the dramatic irony down pat, you really need to read this little prolouge I wrote for you here: Steen cannot die, but she did not fiegn her death, either. Rather, her mortal body wore out its usefulness. The one delivering the Eulogy is probably Steen herself, but the audience does not know this. The main point of her eulogy is not to recognize her passing, but to unite Zhukov and Do in their final battle against the factions of the clergy- whose defeat is Steen's ultimate purpose. Steen, however, is not inclined to flower her life up to make it befitting praise, and tells every gritty detail. This is because Do and Zhukov (her best friend and her lover, respectively) know that her life was not thus, and to hear it thus in the eulogy would make them doubt its source. OK, that's the end of the prolouge. PS: I do not really know if it would be more dramatic if they did unite and smite the clergy factions to create an immense, godless state that would hail Steen's return, or if everybody just ends up nuking eachother and bringing the Armageddon onto the world, so you can ponder the possible outcomes, and lean towards the one you would prefer yourself. PPS: To avoid all confusion, this Steen is NOT the same cute and happy little Steen in that other story I wrote called 'Casual Day.' Sure, this story is pretty humorous, too (or at least I think so...) but this one has a more sardonic humor and is meant to otherwise have a serious air prevail, whereas 'Casual Day' is just madcap insanity.