To Honor the Oath part 1

Joshua Davids

Well this is a start of a small sub plot in the book I am working on with this title. I went though and did an edit of it and this is what I have gotten so far. Hopefully I got out all the run on sentences and other mistakes. Anyways this story arc features a mage and a knight character and the hard choices they have to make amid the chaos of the battlefield in a split second and live with the choices they made during those rash moments when emotions ran high. It also tries to answer the question of how far would one go to keep an oath they gave, would they even kill the one they love to keep their word?

Part 4

Michael DeSousa

The set up. Just to give you an idea of the state of the island after the prologue. Your thoughts?


Ruth Petroff

sudden inspiration, from frustration of not writing anything worth posting in months...finally, something!

Empire: Chapter I: Times of Change

Siegfried Baumann

Now, I know this looks very long, but even if you don't read the entire thing, I'd appreciate some comments. This the first chapter of a new idea I've had for a novel, and I'd really like to know what people think. I've got put up a hasty map, but it still incomplete in some places. So please leave some comments and tell me where to imrove. The idea for the story is basically like a medieval version of the Cold War, where two huge empires are engaged in a struggle for world domination, but both fear what will happen if they ever come to open war. So their battles are fought with pawns and innocents are caught in between.

A Hero's Fire: Prologue

Shannon Sconce

A once peaceful planet ruled by an evil spiritual force, a slave race wants their freedom and there is only one way to take back the planet that was rightfully follow one man on his quest to become one with a secret flame that burns within his very soul and gives him the power to fight the darkness! (Very sci-fi :-))

Genetic Perfection Chapter One

Stephanie Spear

It's about armies made my the goverment, using Human and Alien DNA. But now the army's creators have been distroyed and they have to save the world feom Alien invaders

Empires Awakening: Prelude + Chapters 1, 5, and 7

Matthew Welch

This is a short excerpt of my first book. It is the initial chapter for the three main storylines of the tale, and follows their paths as they begin to set out on the adventure locked inside the pages of a story. I have completed the full text, all 22 chapters, and I am seeking to get this published.The story itself is a slight shift from the typical fantasy fare, as events are taking place in the relatively young planet, in just its second age. This is the time of great adventures and powers that set the stage for the legends and mythos of the ages that will come behind it. I do intend to write for this place all the way through the end of the planet so look forward to seeing this world grow and the pains it will endure on that path.

Elven Arrows Part 1

Jasmine Matsumuro

How a young woman changed the world through the centries.

The Caretakers Of Peace: Book I: Chapter IV 'The Road Home'

Joel Meredith

This is the last chapter of Book I. It sets up the story line for Book III (yes, III). I'll be working on getting Book II up shortly which happens in the same time frame as Book I, but it carries a very different story line. Then, in Book III, the two plots interweave.

The Caretakers of Peace: Book II: Chapter IV 'Gaining Steam'

Joel Meredith

Very short chapter. Sets up for the start of Book III. Quite a cliffhanger, don't you think?

Legend of the Volcanoes - Part 2

Monguther DrawM

Near Mexico city there are two volcanoes which resemble a sleeping lady and her loyal guard watching her. This is a story developed in the Aztec Empire times, explaining the magical origin of the volcanoes. Two twin souls whose love will last for centuries!

Empire: Chapter II: Wheels in Motion

Siegfried Baumann

With but a few days of peace, war is already on the horizon. And this time it may be a war that will crush all.

The Caretakers of Peace: Book III: Chapter II 'The Heat of a Midday Battle'

Joel Meredith

The battle continues...

Godhunter Part 1: Genesis

Jake Diebolt

The city of Herettica has rebelled against the rule of the Emperor Tibidosis II. In response, the Imperial Fist has been dispatched to crush the city and enslave its people. Harild Onestar, leader of the rebellion, can see little hope in fighting the powerful Runic armies of the Empire. This story is set on the continent of Goddsfall (a very different world from my Arsenal stories). It was originally part of a novel I was working on as a kind of historical backstory. While the novel is on hold for a while, I feel the character and snapshots of Goddsfall's history are worth developing as a series of short stories. Enjoy!

A War Torn Land: Prologue

Dave Bekker

The beginning of a story of a group of friends, who are new recruits in the Kyridian army, and how they are brought into a dangerous war.

Fall of the Tyrant King

Melissa Jensen

This is more of a song than a poem, from my story Amrin the Dreamer. Lord Dri was a wizard who could take dragon form, but died in killing the tyrant king. Though a song about war, the tune is lively. Something about Tyrant kings being destroyed tends to make people happy.

Battle of the Chosen

Tiffany Bostelman

Another ballad dealing with the chosen warriors of Yirik. Yirik is a world in which several of my poems and stories take place. This poem tells of the forthcoming battle and the ones who come to save Yirik from destruction.

Snapshots of a Commander

Adrienne Romani

A few short character development pieces for Commander Leawyn Brock from my United Armies of Clesia series.This consists of 4, very short pieces that didn't really warrant four seperate listings.

Snapshots of a Commander - Part 2

Adrienne Romani

A piece of character development fiction for Leawyn Brock. Short, sweet and simple.

Judgement (Poem)

Laura Korska

This is about Death, the last of the Four Horsemen, riding a pale horse and leading the armies of Hades onto Earth.