A Galaxy Apart, Prologue

Kyle Arthur

The start of an adventure across several planets to find the source of a mysterious new foe. This is just the prologue to introduce the main characters.

Shin No Ippo 5

Brandon Christ

It Is Time... And a huge plot point is revealed, along with some of Jay's past...PS: Von Dagga can be interpereted as 'Jeez,' or 'Holy Crap,' depending on the usage. You can usually put it into context anyway. I made up the word, so don't bother looking it up.

Prospect of Destiny - E

Ben Brannan

658 words. 2 pages.

The Blade of Arcturas: Chapter 1

Pat Zerkel

The second installment of Isaac's adventure. Not sure what else to say. Read!

Once Upon A Time Mission

Sandra Wheeler

A quick, easy read about how difficult it is to be a fairy godmother.

The Captain

Rebecca Dias

This sprouted from virtually nothing. I just wanted to practice my skills at describing a moment in time (when he wakes up), and look into all of his senses, then the story just came out. Obviously this is not finished, and I have grand ideas for the characters. I might finish it someday, I might not, but in the mean time, let me know what you think. I'm rather proud of this little slice of entertainment.

Crystal Dreams 8

Zack T. Fester (AKA Strider)

Battle atop a mountain.

Hero's & Legends

Daniel Ecklund

A poem in tribute to those once revered and eventually forgotten.


Karl Boivin

The march of the hero toward his own death, saving many lives in the process. An old classic broken with this text of mine...

Cheating Death Part 2

Katrina Constantine

the story continues. I really have no idea where I am going with all this...I don't even know what the point is in this story. However; if I am going to create and evil knight...that knight needs a suit of really cool black armor. It's, like, almost required for the job. hehehe. I am working on a part 3...but don't expect it any time soon. its kinda got pushed into the background due to all the other stories I am currently working on.

Caer Falken

Christopher R Regan

After the cataclysm, Crystalmyst is a realm of chaos. Starshadow, Loquitor and Kittarina set out to search the land and discover things which will chart the future.

Raider 03: Arrest

Richard Lorenz

Our hero is found, bound, and startled. Then he gets hit in the head.

Corruption - 3

Ben Brannan

After being trapped for almost two weeks, Daemon, Hellion and Leon have a plan to escape. But at what cost? (Dun dun dun.) 3,587 words. 7 pages.

The Conquered Knight

Brian D. Landon

A poem I wrote.

5 : An Agreement

Milla Lindqvist

Prolonged contact with archenemy + unlikely gain/almost certain death = a proftable arrangement ?

A girl Knight (2)

Alexis Millan

Chapter 2 in my story of a girl who wishes to become a knoght.

A Dragon Tale

Philip Walker

This is the first story I ever wrote for a class that I acually enjoyed writing. This is also most likely the shortest and funniest, though I try to put as much funny in my stories as I can.

The Cabin


A story about a strange bunch of creatures meeting each other in the middle of a forest... in a cabin that is probably cursed. Don't ask me 'cause if you do it won't be a surprise anymore, have fun!

In Shining Armor

Leanne Daniele

This is a poem I wrote for my wonderful boyfriednd. It pretty much desrcribes me in a weird messed up way. I wrote this for him because he has given me life and meaning. He is the love of my life.


Charles Trowbridge

Here is a dialog that I wrote a while back for a friend of mine. It was based on a conversation we had one night about what a dillitaunt and a soilder on an admerial's ship over x-mas might talk about in the dark future. I promised her that I would finish it for her, however by the time that I had, it was too late, she had left the city never to be seen again.