Ethan Lawson

A young man is forced to become the leader of his village when the hunters die and the food supply has run out.

Eternal Moon-sixth chapter

Laura Boyd

Sorry it took me so long to get this up, I'll try not to be so long next time.

'Idhra' chapter 0 (prologue)

j. lawrence

firstly, i changed the title in hopes that it might be put in the correct order. sorry for confusion. now, this is set in europe, but other than that, nothing is like it is now. all characters and incidents are fictional.


Charlene Longwell

This is about a loving couple.

The Dragon Keeper- Chapter 7

Teresa Galus

Thea gets a visit from Lady Rhodya

The Phoenix Arrow: Prologue

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.

Lara and Arrow (Part One)

Laura Colman

Again, stupid title because it isn't finished. If anyone has any ideas on what to call it i'd appreciate it... not that anyone will.

Arishka: Chapter Two

Emily Briand

Yay! I get to upload more! Now we get to see Lloyd's reaction!

Steve's adventure ( part II )

Miroslav Milov

A usual boy becoming a great warrior

The Riders of the King's Own ~ Part Four

Anna Thomas

Still in the wilds of Kazin, still three men down, still with an (annoying, some of the bois would say) innovative General at the helm X3 So here, we introduce the remaining pikeman and blade archer, and two more swordies. Because I love swords. Have you noticed that yet? =3 Also? Anyone trying to lay claim to Kurae... you can't. Sallie's already taken him X3 As ever, Nyan rana yn ___, di nyan yn Maralu translates to 'My name is ___, and I'm a rider for the King's Own.' So much easier to say Maralu, innit? I say Own rider. Cos it's English =3


John Jr.

Merchants rarely see the harsher aspects of the realms, prefering the plush life of the upper class. Yet occassionally fate twists one wishes.

Untitled Chapter Seven

Jen Robbins

This is the final, thus far, chapter in Alissandra's story. Her circumstances are dire indeed and though I should have tacked this onto chapter six I thought it needed to be all on its own.

Untitled Chapter Six

Jen Robbins

Alissandra's battle against the invasion continues. She has made to her destination only to be thwarted by the monarchy. The centaurs are close behind. What will become of Alissandra's plight in this the sixth chapter of the story.

Crystal Dreams 4

Zack T. Fester (AKA Strider)

Retreat, Regroup, and attack


Dieter Janssens

This is the prologue of a story I'm trying to write. I don't really like the beginning, but well, it's not that bad I think. Written(Finished): March 4, 2003

Death by Jasmine Chapter 1: The Infirmary

Henry Bender

 part 2 of my new story. Jasmine wakes up in an infirmary and runs into an old friend...

Trance (Poem)


A poem of a man's confrontation with a unicorn. Careful... unicorns can be very tricky. Oh, and just to clear up some questions, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this poem.


Laura Brubaker

I couldn't think of a title for this story no matter how hard I tried. I wrote it about a year ago and it's in my portfolio of literary works that people in schools can look at when they want to see some stuff I did. If anybody can think of a title, I'd be thrilled. It's about these characters in a story me and my friend started as passing-notes, and I then wrote in paragraph form. Some things have changed since it was written, but I still like it anyway.

The silver brooch - Chapter Five

Maria Elmindreda L

In this chapter we meet Roland Astar again and find out that the young man is more than what he seems to be...

The Caretakers of Peace: Book II: Chapter IV 'Gaining Steam'

Joel Meredith

Very short chapter. Sets up for the start of Book III. Quite a cliffhanger, don't you think?