Loruiel's Quest Chapter 3

Jackie Blanchette

this is the third chapter to Loruiel and Rowg's quest to find justice

Arthallin Majeste - Part 5

Jason Romein

The tale continues as the adventurers meet up with the bandits. I wrote this in one sitting, so it should be fairly coherent. I noticed that in the last one, I referred to Arthallin's stone as a garnet, and it's really a ruby. Just a note.

44 - Intrigue In Inrar - Part 4

Rachel Pears

Part four, of a four part story. Mador (Master-Thief) suspects Senator Vellus is a member of the smugglers cadre. Zith (Assassin) buys him some time to look for evidence. N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen) gets out of control when discovered by members of the household staff. Please note this story does contain a fight scene that some readers may find disturbing. Note from the writer - please go easy on my grammar I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

The Water In the Well Chapter 5: The Weldelin

Tom Shine

Ok, first of all, translations... Silidar Makesed: Thank you(Elven) Rilquex Maranool, Bisetch: Face your death, bitch(Weldelin) Wilenika: (Elven) seeker who commands during battle, like a general I hope that you can now understand these words in my story. Next, I just want to say that I realise this chapter is pretty graphic. I think it fits the context, though. However, if you think any part is too gruesome or unnescessary, write a comment, and I will try to change it. With that out of the way, enjoy!

The Caretakers of Peace: Book II: Chapter IV 'Gaining Steam'

Joel Meredith

Very short chapter. Sets up for the start of Book III. Quite a cliffhanger, don't you think?

The Bolt Throwers

Joseph Gnemmi

This one is based on a mix of the Gatling Gun scene in The Last Samurai and the Pride of Gondor scene in LOTR (the one where Faramir takes 100 knights back to Osgiliath).

Chapter 19

Opal Parkison

Someone shoots Umerin down... No, that isn't good.

Chapter 11 - Purifying Fury

Luke Simpson


Michael Mahony

elven war...

Shards of Shadows

Tiffany Bostelman

This is a story about a family who gets thrown into the eternal conflict of Yirik. The story is full of conflict, intrigue, and romance as the family is pulled into the world outside their little island. The prolouge introduces us to a character who seems to be deep in thought and quite distressed.

Feather's Story - chapter 4: Escape


Eldrakar's allies have arrived to break Feather and Eldrakar out of prison, but not without a fight.

Of Alora Ulurien and Cararyn the Warrior

Brittany Cade

The Tale of June (part one)

James Webster

This story is about a human female who finds her lover dead. She then seeks out the killer in revenge.

The elvish Campaign

Mark Jenkins

This is about an elf who finds himself forced to join what he thinks would be the group and have the life of a king doing all he wanted, but will this really be what he wants? and why is Haato being so weird?

Chapter III (Jacob's Story)

Joel Meredith

Chapter III of Jacob's story takes Claudia and Jacob outside of Sea's Bluff and the Green Tower (finally! lol) I'm actually not much of a fan of this chapter but it's necessary in order for Chapter IV to make sense.


Ole Morvik

How I'd picture the arrows of an evil Ranger ^.^

Swamp Story

Nathaniel Mich

This is a short story that I wrote in study hall in 9th grade, on the crap LC 760 Macs in the computer lab. Enjoy!


Manda Evans

This is ALSO a work-in-progress, hehe. At the moment it is very short. It will probably never advance any further, unless I get the sudden wild urge to write.^~

Death by Jasmine: Prologue

Henry Bender

 This is the prologue of my new story. It seems confusing now but everything will be explained by chapter three so hang in there.

6 : Honor

Milla Lindqvist

Sares is rather dense when it comes to elves. He just can't stop provoking them.