Children of the Great Eclipse

Yves Jacques

All I'll say is that I'd been reading an awful lot of Tanith Lee, and that the main character does not represent me. :)

Journey Part 05 - The Ball

Al Howe

Of course not so surreal can be strange too, especially as power grows.

A Christmas Present

Sarah Carpenter

Inspired by a dream...

Angle: Maria's Gallery

Richard Bruns

An ordinary person is drawn to strange paintings


Mary Bailey

The magic of art brought to life with focused imagination. Is it in the artist's hands or in the eye of the beholder?

I Am

Meaghan Davis

a poem about my soul

White Lies

Winona Nelson

Art-jackers take control of the most famous aesthetic spacecraft in modern history, leaving only one survivor.

Humanwood, Ch. 4

Erin Conley

This chapter is probably the least important for moving the story forward, but the most interesting to Elfwooders *grin* Welcome to a tour of the Humanwood Fantasy Art Gallery.

Fallen From Heaven Chapter 2

D. Flagstone

Alec continues to wonder where Mitsu came from as she starts to get used to her surroundings.

Journey Part 03 - Gazebo

Al Howe

The transition to the surreal.

Journey Part 04 - Music

Al Howe

In the surreal, odd things can happen.

Artist (Part 3)

Kiota Bandal

Part three is up! Yay! Please comment, or else...............


Kortnee Bryant

This is a poem about the statue created by Pygmalion... if you're not familiar with the story, PICK UP A BOOK!!!!

Adontis- chapter3

Cameron Brandsberg

Chapter three, not much to say which I haven't already...

College Dragons chapter 9

Michelle Appleby

Kelsey returns to college to find something very unexpected


H. Rummel

This is a little more personal than I normally get, but I guess we can get personal every once in a while. This is because of Someone (you know who you are, and I hope you're proud of yourself) but it's for all of us who've ever heard these words but have never been able to cry ourselves.

The Art

Rafael Arrais

A real sensibilized view of the art by me.. This is, and will be, I think, one of the gratest articles of all my life.

Wolf Story for RainingSkies

Dark Tailz

 This was a request I did years ago. I'm still a bit proud of it-I have come a long way. :)

Ghost Artist Part 2: A Friendly Conversation

Erin Smith

Carry's Friend Tammy is shocked by one of her paintings.

Ghost Artist Part 1: Morning Mists

Erin Smith

This story is about an aspiring artist named Carry who's artwork seems to be trying to tell her something...