A Druid's Tale

Caitlin Corbett

This little number is one I wrote for my writing class at school--my vamp story was so well received that I was *forced* to do another installment. And here it is. As I was doing research on the Wiccans and Druids, I couldn't really find much on their history. So, naturally, I had to do alot of improvising. I wanted to shed good light on the witches/mystics for once, and help put them into context with the vampyre story. In our comic, it all fits together, they're all part of one world, vying for power or balance of it. I'm still *kinda* editing this one, but I'll see how you like it before I do anything drastic. ^_^

tough choice.

Connie Mentira

Another artist's picture, "Make Love, Not War", made this pop up. It was twelve at night, and I was bored.Pleas tell me what's wrong with it at my e-mail, mod...person. :sDamien and Artemis are both mine (you can find Damien on my art account, although it's not very good.), and I'll have his sister Anita up. She likes blue! xD*up,up, and annoy!*

Shadow of Artemis

Laura Birdsall

A poem about the bitter ghost of the goddess Artemis after she and her kind were erased from human history.

The Greatest Hunt Of All Chapter 1

Tom Shine

Chapter one out of three. And I'm serious this time, I did only make it three chapters. Becuase I finished this! YAY!

Psyche's Longing

Kate Inquisition

Psyche’s Longing is about the Greek myth told by Ovid of Cupid and Psyche. Briefly, the story is that Psyche is one of three sisters, the youngest and most beautiful in all the land. The goddess of love and desire Venus is jealous that her temples are neglected, so she orders her son Cupid, or Eros to make her fall in love with the most hideous creature. When he sees her, he falls in love with her himself, not completing his mother’s revengeful task. When she learns this, in rage, she puts a spell on Psyche such that men can still go to adore her, but none will ask for her hand in marriage or want her any longer. Psyche must then live in this desolation and loneliness. It is during this time that this poem from her point of view takes place. (5-30-03)

Amazons: New dawn

Tuomas Tom' Heikkilä

Themiskyra is destroyed...Daughters of artemis must fight for their freedom and find new home.


Aaron Blayne Leger

the greek gods Artemis and Apollo have a disagreement and cause a solar eclipse

Artemis: Poison of Hera (chapters 1-10 of 30)

Rebecca Lee Murphey

Alexis is an ordinary girl growing up on the holy island of Delos. But soon after a strange witch woman comes to the island speaking of a war among the gods and a prophecy to save them all, Alexis begins digging. . . and is shocked at what she finds.

Wise Penelope

Chelsea Castonguay

This is a poem based on Penelope from the Odyssey. Now, if you're immature and can't deal with the idea that in the ancient Greek world it was acceptable for women to have women as lovers, I suggest you don't read this. And grow up.

A Fragmented Fairy Tale

Jessica Robinson

An adventure in the lives of Grey Wolf and Freddy the Fairy-Frog, two very unconventional fairy tale heroes.

Tribunal Part V: At the Arsenal of Heaven

Jake Diebolt

The Watch, desperate at the loss of its anti-magic metal, turns to the ancient power of the Winds to defeat the mages. Archol and Chara head to the Arsenal of Heaven, resting place of the Winds, to cut them off.

The Immortals (Intro - 2007)

Sarah Bellian

This is the introduction to my brainchild (the Chaos Realm series.) If you haven't read it yet, I insist that you do. There's lots to be found on my website (see 'Own Gallery') and more in progress all the time. CR is about a world(s) formed from collective insanity, ruled by a child and populated by all manner of very unique 'people'. Time runs in circles, and as is the name of the game, 'chaos' ensues. Gods and monsters, humans, dragons, demons and other strange creatures live side by side in a realm perpetually balanced on the edge of oblivion. 'The Immortals' introduces the character of Artemis Ravencroft, better known as 'She-Who-is-Behind-It-All'. Hippie dragons, flying taxis and exploding jellybeans, ohmy!

Artemis' Orion

Jarred Dotterer

Poem of Orion and Artemis' love. Foreshadowing the unpreventable tragic end to their love.

The Greatest Hunt Of All Chapter 2

Tom Shine

Artemis races across Greece trying to halt Ares mad quest for revenge. Or is that all it is? Thanks to all who are reading this story, and who apparently love Artemis' style of talking. I hope this lives up to their expectations.

The Greatest Hunt Of All Chapter 3

Tom Shine

Last chapter of the first part of my Greek mythology saga. Confused? I hope not, I need readers for this stuff. Artemis heads for Sparta to confront her half-brother Ares, but discovers a horrible plot there that goes all the way to the pantheon on Mount Olympus.

tough choice ch 2

Connie Mentira

So, yeah ,chapter two. I'll explain more about that knife later.No stealing!