The Tale of Lady Guinevere

Delia Seilly

A while ago I sat down and was about to write some of another story, something else came instead. I liked it, posted it in my lj and decided to start the story from the beginning. This is the prologue of that story. This is the first draft, you *will* find errors, point them out and I'll fix them or at least try too ;) Made Mod's Choice September 5th, 2004 Update 7/11/04: Sorry this took so long, folks, but here is the edited copy. I'm working on the next chapter, it's slowly coming together.

Daughters of Camelot-Prologue

Ashley Rabon

Merlin and Nimue realize the designs of Mordred and begin searching for the legendary elemental mages of old. Teaching seven maidens the ways of ancient magic is not an easy task. Some know of their power, others are just beginning. The hardest part, however, is not teaching them. Rather, it is telling their fathers that the preservation of the kingdom depends on their daughters: Derwen, headstrong daughter of Lancelot; Ceridwyn, innocent heir of Arthur; Aure, timid child of Gawain; Cordelia, graceful daughter of Agravain; Enya, strong child of Gareth; Betha, gentle daughter of Lamorak; and Arianra,fiesty offspring of Gereint. They are the daughters of Knights. Together, they will protect King Arthur and Camelot. Along the way, they'll learn to trust each other. For if they fail, Camelot will fall.

When Kings Meet...

Christopher Yost

A recently discovered document dated back to the early Middle Ages tell an unknown tale of the One and Future King, King Arthur and his meeting with another great king. My own little spin on a King Arthur tale.


Chelsea Castonguay

A tiny story about Lancelot of Kinbg Arthur's Knights and his unnamed love.


Abby Hochman

A poem about the legend of King Arthur written for a summer writing camp.

In The Darkest Hour

Kelly Gorman

Read it, and get the authors note at the end ^_^

MORGANA Chapters 5&6

Sarah Bevon

Still more from this rather lengthy story. My main problem seems to be that I can't kick them back to their own time and be done with it. At this rate, they'll be there until everyone dies (another 20 years) at least. February 8, 2003: Just updated this. It's been a while, I know, but my computer deleted about 10 pages of this story a couple of months ago and I've had no time to redo it. It's slowly coming back together now, though. Appologies to those I've kept waiting.

Chapter 1.1 The Glass Isle

Steve Bowen

The first part of the opening chapter of 'Hawk of Summer.' Twelve boys stand on a beach waiting for their new lives to begin.

Chapter 1.2 The Glass Isle

Steve Bowen

A dream, a revelation and a task

Chapter 2.2 The Round Table

Steve Bowen

The hall complete, a dream begins to take shape

The Portal of Dreams


I wrote this story for my mythology class Sophmore year. WE had to write a myth about our school. I wrote about why we aren't allowed to go into certain rooms. Of course, I put my own spin on it... and vwalla The Portal of Dreams

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. VI

Camille Lecointre

The sixth chapter of Gods Don't Bleed, where Arthur and Teigra finally make their way to the naga lands.

Gods Don't Bleed - Chapter I

Camille Lecointre

Arthur leads a peaceful life as the stable master for Silmar castle, a job he loves and which allows him to be tired enough to sleep soundly at night. When the determined, somewhat rude, persistent and obnoxious Teigra barges into his life in the most unconventional way, Arthur finds himself dragged along all over the country in the search for the solution to a problem yet unknown.-----First chapter of this story. Feel free to comment with any mistakes or incoherences you may find. I am not a born English-speaker, so some sentences might have a wonky syntax!

Poem: Mad Merlin

AC Bamblett

They say that King Arthur's Merlin went mad for a time and disappeared into the hills... This is a medium-length poem inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's 'Merlin'.

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. VIII

Camille Lecointre

Arthur and Teigra have finally found the third God Vessel, Sepsanna, and are headed towards the discovery of the Fourth.

The Unwanted Prisoner Pt 4

Jessica Cannon

Padpaw and Arthur reach the Romul Capital. Next Chap. they should start looking for Lord Mark and we will see a battle with Tor. Promise. (iy.)

Cape Mortifer

Guillermo García

My most symbol laden work so far. It is the story of Hecules's death and of an incident regarding a flaming (literaly) cloak. here is a list of the meanings of most of the symbols. Second regret of hydra’s hate: Hecules wet his arrows in the Hydra’s blood and was told he would twice regret it. Styx’s edge: edge of death Apollo kills kin: he is half brother to Apollo (Zeus’s side) A bird, once silver, now black. A crow Bear’s: Arthur means literally Uther’s Bear (arth uther) Lady Luck / One-who-is-nine: References to the names of The lady of the lake Vivian being the Lady luck and Nimue meaning nine and referring to the muses. Fate: Morgan is an avatar of fate Adder: the maiden was treacherous like an adder Dragon: Arthur is also the chief dragon (pendragon)


Katherine Burt

Danny gets a surprise when he follows a girl from a rennaissance fair...

The World All Before Them Ch 11

B. Landon Hurley

Finally I have FINISHED my magnum opus, first known as The Frown of Night, now called The World All Before Them. This is the second to last chapter of the saga of Arthur and friends in the afterlife. Comments please!

MORGANA Chapters 3&4

Sarah Bevon

Chapters three and four of 'Morgana'. I'd really like to give it a better name, but I can't think of one. Even just adding something would help, so the title didn't look so much like 'Margret' (other story). It looks like this storie's going to have about 14 chapters, give or take, but it's hard to say. At the time I'm posting this I've got up to chapter 11 and it's not finished yet. But I hope it doesn't run on for more than 20, because then, I think, it would get a bit boring.