Emilie Finn

This story is my submission to James Bowers' The Project Six. Thanks and credit to Lindsey Butler, Lilith's co-creator!

The Time Traveler and the Machine

Carol McFarlane

This short story is a Dialogue, and should be read as such. It is part of a larger story I am writing, but have no fear, it was made to be read by itself. It is my furturistic vision of consciousness, love and sex. It is also a representation of how I feel about my husband.

White Lies

Winona Nelson

Art-jackers take control of the most famous aesthetic spacecraft in modern history, leaving only one survivor.


Katie Sweet

This is the prelude to a comic/graphic novel I was toying with and the visuals are a reflection of that origin. Final scene is perhaps a bit cliche, but I wrote this before 'The Ring' and that movie ripped it off Poltergeist in any case.

Ardrisha Prologue

Rebecca Rumble

This is part of a much longer story that I'm currently writting and I would be very intressted to hear what people make of this part of it. I'm not going to post all of it as there is a possibility that I will publish it if it turns out to be good.

Shattered dreams..

Jen OCarroll

A small piece inspired by cliche anime series and a short story I wrote when I was young... there was a character in it... an outcast android, abandoned because he was too 'human'. um... yeah... so this is really just a back story.. i may expand the idea to a character or something.. *shrugs*

The OMEGA Project: Chapter Three

Lacey Wright

Okay okay. I know I've made some of you suffer intolerable agony for making you wait so long. I truly apologize, but I had a lot of trouble writing this chapter. I thought I would get farther so I could explain some of the biotechnical stuff, but it just didn't work out that way. In between a week of camp and my computer acting up, it took me three tries to get the chapter going. So please bear with me: I despise this chapter. If you can think of some improvements I can make or have any ideas, feel free to criticize politely. CONSTRUCTIVE! If that word is too big, look it up at A very handy website, I believe. The next chappie should be up soon, if not at the same time. Later!

Poem: Vision of the Future

Faraz Hussain

A poem I wrote regarding A.I. ruling the world.

After the Massacre (Poem)

Elly McFall

Can anyone wonder what will occur when war hits home?

Virtually Reality

Timothy Guise Stevens

REALM is the leading online roleplaying game a truly immersive virtual reality experience. But when a new Artificial Intelligence upgrade is added the game begins to seem all to real. A group of friends are stranded in the game world, and discover that when a game is all you have it can become Virtually Reality.

Mama's Boy


I began this last year, obsessed with birth and babies and wombs and the mother-baby connection. But the medicalization of childbirth wasn't supposed to sound quite so positive. Try as I might the story kept ending this way, and I kept stopping in between and thinking no, no, no---natural childbirth good, surgical bad!I guess nothing challenges your perception like experience.The technology is current. I didn’t have to stretch my imagination too far to describe it, but I was so obsessed with getting it right I nearly forgot the whole point of writing it---the child, the connection, the invisible cord. 

Politics of Personhood

Katrina Bergen

Another story resulting from some ideas in my scifi english...I'm not quite happy with this one, it was meant to be written in the Cyberpunk vein, but the jagged writing style was hard for me to accomodate for. I'd like to turn it into a longer piece, as there was a lot I didn't have room for.

Aluminum Shadows

Katrina Bergen

This was actually done as a class assignment, which I later fleshed out into the short story you see below

Mercury III: part one


PLEASE READ MERCURY EYE FIRST-- SPOILERS WITHIN!!The sequel that I probably shouldn't have written but I did anyway because I love my Mercs and couldn't resist writing about them again. :) This story is a continuation of the plot from Mercury Eye. Dedicated to Darian Lewis for 200th comment title.

Mercury Eye


Technology can be a marvellous thing, but relying on it too heavily can have dangerous and unforseen consequences... (Okay, this is my first real sci-fi, so bear with me here...)


Scott Gajewski

'Humans beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet. You are a plague, and we are...the cure'


Matthew Jernstadt

About the harshness of being an artificially intelligent cyborg

100 10001 101 1 1101 10010 - A Computer's Life

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

Well, this one kinda works on its own, without a description, other than to say that bunch of numbers in the title is binary code for 'Dreams', the true title of this piece. Enjoy, then take a good look at the computer you're using, and wonder, 'What if...?' :) Oh, ya, and I really like that line about forsaking gods, it seems to be better every time I look at it.... :)

Tales 2a: Gallium

James Wyatt

Chapters 1-4 of the second instalment of Tales From The Border World. News of the events on Sontier has reached the civilised centre of the galaxy, turning relations between the two superpowers Verge and Xentech decidedly chilly. Meanwhile, in a research lab on the Xentech-owned world of East Station, a group of scientists has discovered a very interesting artificial intelligence indeed.

Artificial Beauty

Galit Oren

I guess it's about a fallen angel... I just wrote it because I was bored. ^_^