Dragon Slain (Poem)


The structure was something I came up with on the fly. The subject explains itself. Of all my poems posted here, this remains my favorite.

Untitled - Part II

Gioanna Rheumer

This is the second part of Toryn's story. Hope you enjoy!

The Dryad

Laura Goude

Just a short poem I came up with one rainy Sunday afternoon...

Arthallin Majeste - Part 5

Jason Romein

The tale continues as the adventurers meet up with the bandits. I wrote this in one sitting, so it should be fairly coherent. I noticed that in the last one, I referred to Arthallin's stone as a garnet, and it's really a ruby. Just a note.


Janet Jongebloed

Author's Notes: Oh geez, here I am again, writing a sequel to 'Wonderful Girl' when I always said I wouldn't. This version of 'Returning' is going to be a little rushed because it has to be 5 double spaced pages at the maximum because I'm writing it for Creative Writing class. I might do another novelette (I love that word) as a long version of 'Returning'.

The Talajean Tree

Emma Marie

A young man and his sister wake up to find that their home, future, and parents have all been destroyed. They must discover a deeper magic tamed for centuries...

A Single Tear

Connie Miller aka Summer

This short story is actually based on a poem of mine, 'Song of a Rose'. Only, in the poem the end was happy...


Dani Hall

Kindred spirit in the animal kingdom.

Ashes to Ashes

Freya Morris-Cole

A dream can mean alot, but when it's disguised as a fever, one would often wave it off. Such a pity it was no ordinary dream.

Untitled - Part III

Gioanna Rheumer

Part three of Toryn's story. I'm getting fairly proud of myself now for keeping a story going into its sixth page.

The Ballad of Goldar Dhun

Katheryn Heminger

One morning after breakfast I sat down at the computer (compelled by some festering seed of an idea) and finished this before lunch (Kate, get in here! Lunch is getting cold! I'm coming, I'm coming!!). Anyway, this may not be for everyone (no blood and guts, no magic swords), but I like it. It's rather sad. P.S. Read it aloud - it sounds a lot better.

People of the Ash: Prologue

Katie Hallahan

The Prologue to 'People of the Ash.' This portion is an exerpt from a text written about them, introducing the Ashion race to the reader.

Song of a Rose

Connie Miller aka Summer

I was a bit depressed when I started writing this, but in the end you must remember that hope is everywhere, though at times you must search hard for it.


Jack Ferro

Love is Fragile Memories fade Purpose is a virtue Three people band together through war, desperation and fear. They set aside differences to become Rangers and hunt down forces of evil. (First two chapters, Leon and Desmond are introduced)

Piriah Prologue: In the Beginning

Dana Caldwell

Here's the basic 'creation myth' for Piriah, the world that I made for my newest story. This is the groundwork for Natanael, fight scene, and Council of Mages. It's fun.

People of the Ash: Chapter 1

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 1 of 'People of the Ash.' Two members of the Ashion race meet in the city of Brasetol, a human city, and discuss matters concerning their race...

Death by Jasmine: Prologue

Henry Bender

 This is the prologue of my new story. It seems confusing now but everything will be explained by chapter three so hang in there.

Where was their god now?

Evan Penn

this is an old poem i wrote during a study period...i made up the form, and i have to day that i like it, so i may write more in this way (tells of before, during and after the battle in three different sections)


Jennifer Nelson

It's the prologue to a story I started writing but never finished. Tierney is the bastard daughter of a king who denied her and allowed his enemies to keep her as a slave when she was just a child. When they learn that she posseses the ablities of a Pyromancer she is encouraged to learn all she can and accepted by her enemies. Even becoming the mistress of their king.