Theola Faline

I was sad. So I wrote...**shrug**

A Life Forever

Becca King

one of my earlier poems. must have been about 13 when i wrote this i think

Fire from Ashes

Jennifer Gomez

This poem goes with a picture in my Loth gallery.

Ashes and Dust

Danielle Sanderson

A short story! Shocker! I usually can't write short stories because I have a million other ideas and I want to write more. That was originally the plan for Ashes and Dust. I still have tons of ideas, like writing about Dust's past, but I really like the way it is now. I don't want to add anything else. I love it to bits! This actually came to me when I thought about the biblical thing 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, evil to darkness. Amen.' It was in one of the Diabolo mangas. :P It got me to thinking, and this is what came out of it. I also wanted to write something that DOESN'T end well, for once! I made my mom cry! I hope you like it! I'm putting a language and violence warning. It's still relatively tame by today's standards, but if you're sensitive to death and such, don't read. You have been warned.

Poem - Ashes

Amy Goodenough

Dedicated to the phoenix who flew and left me behind. I'll never forget you and never forgive you and never stop loving you

My Father's Ring

Michelle Fenrick

Well I wrote this (very) short story for a magazine prject in seventh grade(two years ago) based off an image i found on the internet. I made very few revisions and only grammatical ones because I do love the story so much despite its age. But anyways U2 forever!

Burn the world

L. Viner

A demon brings the apocalypse just so he can be with the one he loves. An old work done several years ago.

Death of Me

Jared Milligan

This is kind of about death and what it's like for him when after his hundred's of years of taking lives he finally dies but there is no angel of death to keep him company

Fire Within

Juvela Obi


Prophecy of the Phoenix

Shawn Reed

This is a cryptic prophecy envisioned within the world you might read about in 'The Dance of Freedom'. *chuckles* Let's see if you can figure it out! This is one of my few attempts at non-prose, poetry-wise... I hope you like it. If you can, read it out loud. The effect is much better! :)

I am the Phoenix

Fiona Savage

peom about the mythological fire bird the Phoenix- then again it could be applied to the human spirit aswell...

Rebirth From Ashes

Brian Buckley

There's something a little unusual about this poem. Take a look at the first letter of every line...

Faces In The Fog

Erin Washburn

I was bored one morning, and it was foggy outside, so I looked out the window and thought I saw the face of a little boy and, well, here you go.

A Lonely God

Aaron Fredericks

This poem find a god with great powers and amazing creations, yet unfulfilled. Written July 4, 1997.

Halo of Ashes

Jenna Flynn

Don't know where this came from. It's kinda odd, I wrote it on the back of a band practice record and got sent to guidence for it. *blah*


Tina Oellerich