Exit Light -- An Excerpt

Liz Spalding

This small excerpt is part of an ongoing story that can be found on my website. In this chapter, the prince of a foreign realm plots a scheme to murder his father. But what are his true motives?


Chris the Bishonen!' Stanley

A young slave boy meets his new master. No, not a lemon, but it is yaoi. Unfinished.

The Last Disc

Vanessa Merritt

New upload of this story... Based on the Chinese myth 'Towers of Hanoi'. Discs have to be transferred from one disc to another, never with a larger one on top of a smaller one. When all the discs are transferred, the world ends...


Leah Cerveny

Few people use magic, even less use it for good.


S. Strand

After the civil war of Kayalana, the son of the lost crown prince takes up the crown. The overthrown tyrant is spared by a young king reluctant to sentence his last living relative to death. After the fighting has died down and the kingdom is slowly getting back on its feet, the former monarch is released from the dungeons to live in the palace as a pale shadow of his former, powerful self. And chosen by the king to be his servant is a young, carefree boy named Akari...

Mars Attack- Chapter 1

Raphael Leduc

An introduction to Jeff, the main character and a sigh at the antagonist, Ying

The Choices of Murkha: Prologue

Henrik Lerdahl

This is the prologue for my 'Book'. I hadn't originally planned on having a prologue, but some readers commented on the fact that the first chapter began rather abruptly. It's a VERY short text, and if you like it you should of course read the first chapter, which is WAY better.

Lady of the Waste

David Meredith

On a warm spring day a samurai Lord comes across a beautiful young women in dire need. Captivating as he finds, is she really everything that she seems? Is she more? And what is the black shadow that seems to shroud her heart with darkness of despair? I would rate this one PG-13 for fantasy violence and mild adult content. Some reader discretion is advised. There are a number of Japanese language terms used in the text, but I believe all to either be so widely recognized by the English speaking public that they need no explanation (i.e. kimono, katana, etc.) or are sufficiently explained within the body of the text. I invite and encourage all comments and hope you will check out my other work as well.

Escape from Altokvistas, Chapter 8: The Dance of Swords.

John Kang

I am getting back into fantasy writing after almost 20  years...  This is an exerpt from the second book of a trilogy. To put things in context:  It takes place in a world where several familiar human ethnic groups, elves, orcs, dwarves and other fantasy races share a continent the size of North America.  An "East Asian" princess has been sent to a neighboring "Baltic" satelitte of a "Roman" Empire to negotiate continued peace with the Empire's First Consul.  When her spies discover that he plans on taking her hostage, they plot her escape....

Farewell Maqaxha

S. Strand

A dramatic little snippet about the blind young princess Isokell of Kayalana and her trusted servant and advisor Maqaxha; once prince, father-murderer and slave. But death lurks in the peaceful garden, and the idyllic scene will be turned into a nightmare...