Prospect of Destiny - 5

Ben Brannan

Daemon has finally found someone who can really help him but Daemon must gamble with a God. And he has absolutely no chance of winning this gamble. 3,785 words. 8 pages.

Prospect of Destiny - E

Ben Brannan

658 words. 2 pages.

Prospect of Destiny - 2

Ben Brannan

Daemon has wandered into a new city and instantly causes trouble. And then he meets a stranger that could change his life... 2,138 words. 5 pages.

Corruption - P

Ben Brannan

Daemon has lived in peace in a perfect land... for long enough. A powerful being has entered this sacred land, forcing Daemon to flee back to reality. 2,244 words, 5 pages.

Prospect of Destiny - P

Ben Brannan

It was a time when men fought. They had no will over themselves. They fought because they were ordered. They had no meaning to their lives. One man stands proud. He is a man with no past, nor a future. He searches for a destiny in this troubled age, and some key to his past, alone. The prologue to a short story. This is one of my best, I think. Especially since I vaguely remember writing it. I just did it, looked it over and went, 'whoa.' 1,915 words, 4 pages.

Two Monsters

Ben Brannan

Think of it as the lesser of two evils. Short and straight to the point. The quote at the end says it all. 676 words. Only 2 pages.

Corruption - 2

Ben Brannan

Daemon continues his search for the corrupted man he calls the Fallen Angel. 3,843 words. 8 pages.

Corruption - 1

Ben Brannan

Hm... this is more like a filler chapter. I don't really like it, so expect it to be rewritten in the future. I've already rewritten it once... 2,684 words. 6 pages.

The Spazz Saga

Rachel Gogan

Please allow me to introduce my Muse...

Prospect of Destiny - 4

Ben Brannan

Being forced to keep searching, Daemon stumbles on a metal giant. But not just any giant. It's a terror of a countryside with an army of demons surrounding it. Now just guess what Daemon's gonna do? 3,523 words. 7 pages.

I'm Such an Ass

Maksim B. Malik

This is kind of dark. I wrote it in 1998 I think.

Prospect of Destiny - 1

Ben Brannan

The second chapter of my newest short story. Remember to read the Prologue (Chapter 1.) 2,445 words, 5 pages.

Prospect of Destiny - 3

Ben Brannan

I begin to define Daemon's character more in this, as you'll find out. This is the longest chapter I've written so far, but I hope you like it! I left out a lot of stuff cuz it was too long for my liking (don't ask me to add it in... I forgot what it was now.) 3,734 words. 7 pages.


Jack Troy

This is chapter 2, it is about a woman named Cassandra and her beginning of confusion