The Mark

Mia McCauley

Aslanna takes up an ambitious assassination contract which doesn't go as she origionally planned. Those of you reading who may have read of the most famous of Dark elf rangers will think I modeled Aslanna after him, but I promise this is entirely coincidental. All of my RP characters have violet eyes. And dark elves in the current RP (Non TSR related)I play can see both in daylight and the dark. I actually didn't read any of *his* storys till long after I wrote this one.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 9

Beibei Du

Drunken revelries

Chosen 2 (Revised 2/18/03) NEW

Andrew Casey

A drastic plan to take the throne...and an unlikely ally fights against it.

Righteous Assaniation

Joshua Leiphart

This is the first chapter of a book I am writing. Hopefully this will set up the rest of the story rather nicely. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Guardians - Prologue

Patrick Hall

Picture a post apocalyptic world in which instead of the Mad Max idea, we have reverted back to the old ways of strength of sword, and magic. (This is an edited version of the story, following the excellent advice of a fellow writer.)

Chosen 1b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 1

The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 1

E. Nadeau

In a corrupt world where politics are a joke, people keep exploding and there are no anger management classes available, Rinya Pyris writes in her journal

Fault and Flaw - Prologue/Chapter One

Jenna Anderson

A common thief finds himself charged with an impossible task, while deep in the darkness of the earth, the Beast wanders after shadows.

Montilin VI - Sins for Sins

Nicolas Godbout

FINALLY, the sixth chapter is complete. Holy crap! it's Payne's first job! woooooooo! the dark elf rule applies here as well as it did in the last chapter. *UPDATE* I fixed a continuity problem. (At the beginning of the story, it said the man met his mistress at the Ancient Embers Inn, then later, the inn was called The Green Lake.)

52 - Elimination In Inrar - Part 2

Rachel Pears

Part two, of a three part story. Zith enlists the aid of Mador (Master-Thief) and N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen)to aid in her assassination attempt. Note from the writer - please go easy on my punctuation I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply. Please note that this story was originally posted in its' entirety. However, I have now broken it down into three parts to make it easier to read.

Wings: Chapter 12

Jennifer OConnor

The Queen gets shot at, Gwen saves the day (or at least the Queen's life) despite a hangover.Eldin doesn't thank her.  Ingrate.Wow.  I totally forgot I even wrote this scene.  Junior High seems forever ago.

Wings: Chapter 14

Jennifer OConnor

The nuclear weapon of the Elven world.  Well, kinda.  Okay, so maybe not at all.Still, it's about time the Queen actually did something. 


Cheryl Scott

This came about that same weekend as "Monsters R People 2" and is a radically different story.  Marian Zimmer Bradley rejected it outta' hand 'cuz it's told in present tense.  I kinda' figured the subject matter warranted that choice: the main character being a foot messenger by trade, she lives in the moment.  But anyway...  There are glimpses here of what became my style...  and plenty of influence from my literature studies at the time...

The New Machine Part 1: Regenesis

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

A rock star from the early 21st Century is killed on stage and wakes up in a brave new world...

A Lesson

Mia McCauley

A peek into one of the lessons Vert gave Aslanna in the years of companionship that followed the events in The Mark.

Wings: Epilogue

Jennifer OConnor

Ta-da.  The end.   The real end.  And nothing but the end.It took me five years to find a stupid floopy disk with my story on it from 9th grade.  I was packing my stuff (moving from home to my apartment, yay) and voila!  For some reason the floppy was in my bin of old stuffed animals.  Huh.  Wings was written when I was 13 and 14, so (hopefully) it's not my master creation.  But I enjoyed writing it.  Hopefully some of ya'll out there will have as much fun reading it. 

Wings: Chapter 15

Jennifer OConnor

Yet another betrayal.  Some Eldin action, though.  ^_^Wow.  I was sure original at 14 *sarcasm alert*

Wings: Chapter 13

Jennifer OConnor

In the heat of battle, the enemy must become cats.  I'm not quite sure I understand what I was thinking then either.Remember: written quite a while ago.  I was young.  Inexperienced.  Didn't like commas.

The Circle of Life - Prologue - A Child's Scream

Joshua Sebbens

This is the start of the story of a young boy named Reas whose life is turned upside down one day because of an unfortunate event.

Chosen 1 (Revised 2/18/03) NEW

Andrew Casey

A wonderful celebration is marred by a secret plot and a single event sparks a change in the world forever. (no changes since the last update, just splitting the chapter to be in line with Elfwood size limits)