Asking Questions

Martijn der Kleijn

I wrote this to tell something about myself. Originally it was the first assignment I made last week for an on-line writing course I'm taking.

The Moronic Truth

Annie Harrington

The question here is this: Who can you trust in a case like this, and who can you believe? One thing, though. . . please pay attention to the different name of the characters, because there are so many of them. And thanks Monica for editing. . .

Chapter 1: Decisions and Commitments

Sida Chen

A journey begins when there is no destination. How would the decisions and risks you choose at the crossroads affect you? To make or break, it is your choice. Take it. Embrace it. For the journey has begun.

This Is Who I Am

Either this or "The Soldier" was my first poem. I wrote it for an English assignment.7th.